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Enter The Green Ranger is the twenty-first episode of the tabletop RPG show Power Rangers HyperForce. The episode features the debut of Joe Shih as the Green HyperForce Ranger.


The Rangers are aboard the HyperForce Ship as they suddenly realise they have no memory of what has happened in the past month. Getting to Joe's wedding party just in time, they receive a message from Sentinel Knight to help him get the Corona Aurora back. 


The Hyperforce Rangers are on board the time ship traveling through the hyper stream discussing "The Leader" when Marv notices that the strap on his morpher is torn. Confused, the Hyperforce Rangers look around and Vesper freaks out at the sight of her severed arm. In its place, Vesper finds a less elegant, robotic prosthetic arm of 3-D printed parts colored black and chrome. While lacking the pioneering eloquence of Vesper's original synthetic organic limb, Eddie finds through experimentation of the limb's buttons that the arm is none the less technologically advanced in its own right by featuring various weapon systems. As the Hyperforce Rangers continue to look around for changes Marv asks Alpha 55 if the time ship may have experienced a time anomaly. Vesper, however, comes to the conclusion that Alpha 55 intentionally cut her arm off out of jealousy and attempts to take it out on him. As Alpha 55 breaks away he reminds Vesper that if anyone has been dismantling anyone it was her while pointing out his missing ankles used for the Hyperforce Rangers' weapons. Chloe becomes envious of Vesper's new prosthetic arm and asks Marv to cut off her arm so that she can also get a prosthetic. Looking through the data Marv comes to the conclusion that nearly a month's worth of time is unaccounted for and Alpha 55 discovers numerous messages from Joe. In the first message, Joe announces that he and Nadira have set a wedding date and invites the Hyperforce Rangers to attend. In the second message, Joe states that Jen Scotts wants to meet with him about something important. As the messages continue on Joe becomes more worried about not receiving a reply back and explains that he is setting out to find the Hyperforce Rangers' time ship. In the final message, Joe mentions that he has mysteriously woken up back in bed on his wedding day and that he has no recollection of the missing time. The Hyperforce Rangers return to the year 3017 and scramble to prepare for the wedding ceremony in time with Eddie leading the way. At the wedding reception, Marv and Jack remain uneasy about the loss of time and Marv attempts to pull Joe aside to talk, but with little success. Upon learning about the food Chloe sneaks away and begins to secretly eat the wedding cake before the cutting. Vesper meanwhile goes off to a corner of the room with Eddie; still fuming about Alpha 55 and her missing arm. Marv attempts to dance with several of the women, but with little success. As Marv asks for advice about what he is doing wrong, Vesper attempts to set Marv up with Chloe. After coming upon and startling Chloe, Marv discovers that Chloe's face is covered in frosting and her mouth is fully engorged with cake. Jack steps in wondering what the commotion is all about. After Marv shows off his dance moves Chloe reveals that women won't dance with him because his facial expression makes it look like he is farting. As Chloe attempts to help Marv by slapping the expression off of his face Joe discovers the partially ate cake and screams at Chloe. Chloe rubs the cake from her hands and face onto Abigail and attempts to pass the blame onto her while taking off. Finally getting a chance to talk, Joe reveals to the Hyperforce Rangers that he is going to join them on their mission to stop "The Alliance" on a more permanent basis. As the Hyperforce Rangers continue to make small talk at the wedding reception they receive an incoming message from Alpha 55. Vesper takes the message and further antagonizes Alpha 55 while it is revealed that an individual known as Sentinel Knight needs their help immediately. The Hyperforce Rangers and Joe are forced to leave the wedding reception early; much to Nadira's disappointment. As the time ship enters the hyper stream and goes off to the month of December in the year 2007 the Hyperforce Rangers and Joe learn from Eddie about Sentinel Knight and the Corona Aurora; the Crown of the Gods. Vesper questions how Joe could possibly help to which Joe reveals a new morpher from Jen Scotts. Chloe becomes somber as she reflects upon the wedding and begins to think of what her wedding might one day be like without her parents. Marv tells Chloe that maybe the Corona Aurora might be able to bring her parents back to her. In 2007 the Hyperforce Rangers find the Sentinel Knight at the Neda Waterfalls in Kyparissia, Greece. Sentinel Knight informs the Hyperforce Rangers that after the Operation Overdrive Rangers had recovered the Corona Aurora he hid the crown on Aquatar, but now some dark entity is trying to claim it. The time ship makes its way to Aquatar with the Sentinel Knight as Chloe freaks as she finds out that Burrito the dog has eaten all of her "aged" burritos and swollen to ten times his previous size. Elsewhere in the universe "The Leader" is accompanied by Scorpina, Velchanos, and four mysterious aliens, two snorting like pigs, as he recruits Lokar to "The Alliance" cause. On Aquatar the Sentinel Knight leads the Hyperforce Rangers to a dormant volcano where they see two mysterious blue pig aliens. The Hyperforce Rangers learn from Sentinel Knight that the aliens are Hydro Jr. and Hogz Jr.; the offspring of the deceased Hydro Hog, Emperor of the Dark Waters. As the Hyperforce Rangers attempt to sneak up the volcano Joe is spotted and has the water sucked out of his body. The Hyperforce Rangers morph and attack the two aliens, but both prove to be formidable. Eddie attempts to use his water abilities to return the stolen water from the aliens to Joe's body but is damaged. Jack frees Eddie from the aliens' grasp and Vesper breaks her Cerberus Axe while pulling it out. Vesper takes note to make Alpha 55 pay for it later. Joe morphs into the Hyperforce Green Ranger for the first time and lunges at Hydro Jr. in a barrage of sword strikes. Eddie fires a rocket from Vesper's robotic arm and topples Hogz Jr. to the ground. Marv and Jack attempt to cryo-freeze the pair but they manage to dodge with minimal damage. As Sentinel Knight is dragged up the volcano by Hogz Jr. Jack rams into the alien sending him flying. Jack and Sentinel Knight hurry to the volcano's peak and jump in to retrieve the Corona Aurora. As they land Sentinel Knight nearly loses his footing near the magma's edge and is steadied by Jack. Chloe's whirlwind attack backfires as her leg is grabbed by Hydro Jr. and both are buried in the sand. Eddie frees Chloe by giving her super strength with his experimental "Birthrito", a birthday cake burrito combination, before slamming the pair of aliens near the base of the volcano with a "water hand" attack that kills one of them. With Hydro Jr. dead Hogz Jr. tries to escape but is cryo-frozen by Marv. With the water frozen inside him, Hogz Jr. shatters to pieces and dies. As Jack and Sentinel Knight escape with the Corona Aurora in hand the volcano erupts. Eddie and Chloe combine their water and wind powers to buy the needed time for the team to escape the pyroclastic flow. Back on board the time ship the Hyperforce Rangers observe the formation of "Burrito Island". Chloe decides not to use the Corona Aurora to revive her parents partly because she believes them to be alive and partly out of fear that they may come back as zombies if they were deceased. Chloe instead asks Sentinel Knight to give her the robot arm from her drawing. Sentinel Knight avoids the request by tricking Chloe to go build it herself. Vesper also makes a request of Sentinel Knight to have both of her broken weapons repaired and for her old arm back while blaming Alpha 55. Sentinel Knight also avoids fulfilling these requests when Alpha 55 chimes in that he'll just repair Vesper's weapons. As Alpha 55 walks away with the broken weapons in hand Vesper warns him that she'll be watching him. The time ship makes its way back to earth in the year 2007 to drop Sentinel Knight back home as Eddie connects the time ship's hologram emitters to the wedding reception in the year 3017 so that Joe can have his first dance with his wife Nadira. Elsewhere "The Leader" looks upon earth in the year 2007 from his dark chamber on board the stolen time ship. He vows he will destroy the Sentinel Knight and claim the Corona Aurora for himself.



  • Yoshi Sudarso is not credited in the opening.


  • As a result of what happened at the end of Shattered Grid, being a reset of the timeline so what Lord Drakkon did would not have happened, none of the Hyperforce Rangers remember what happened to them and, subsequently, don't recall what happened in the previous two episodes.
    • Marv discovered something wrong with his morpher as he could see a month of data was logged but not accessible. 
    • Vesper started freaking out when she realized she suddenly got a new robotic arm.

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