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Enter... The Lizzinator is the fifty-seventh episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Kimberly helps her cousin Kelly try to make the junior high cheer-leading squad, but Rita Repulsa plans to use Kelly to lure the Rangers into a battle with the nigh-invincible Lizzinator.


At the Angel Grove Youth Center, Kimberly watches with Tommy as her cousin Kelly practices for tryouts for the Angel Grove junior high cheerleading squad. While Kelly struggles to keep up with the routine, she eventually gives up and walks over to Kimberly and Tommy, then Kelly tells them that she can't do it. When Kimberly tries to help Kelly by showing her the routine again, Kelly begins to feel that she will never be as good as Kimberly, who was a great cheerleader at Angel Grove Junior High that everyone still talks about. Meanwhile at the Moon Palace, Rita decides she needs a cheerleader. Goldar suggests to Rita to kidnap Kelly and Rita agrees. They plan to keep the rangers distracted by kidnapping Kelly, while a new monster Finster is making, The Lizzinator, destroys the world.

After Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini arrive at the Youth Center Ernie asks for one of them go downtown and pick up some supplies he ordered since the truck broke. Jason volunteers to so and heads on his way while Billy, Zack, and Trini, meet with Kimberly and Tommy. Tommy tells the others that Kelly is doing great as Kimberly helps her learn the routine. However, Kelly still feels that will never be as good Kimberly was and leaves the Youth Center. Tommy and Kimberly find Kelly in the park, then Kimberly tells Kelly that everyone has to do the routines over and over again before they know it. When Kelly says she believes that Kimberly knew the routine right away, Kimberly tells about how she had to practice the routine as well and how there were times that she wanted to give up, she still believed in herself and knew she could do it. Kimberly then tells Kelly that she believes can do too. Back on the Moon Palace, Squatt and Baboo spot Kelly with Tommy and Kimberly in the park on Rita's telescope, Rita send them down get Kelly with Putties. After Kimberly tells Kelly to not compare herself with her or anyone else, the Putties show up. Kimberly and Tommy then begin to fight off the Putties as Kelly watches, however after Kimberly and Tommy defeat the putties, Squatt and Baboo show up abduct Kelly. As Squatt and Baboo take Kelly to a cave where hold her hostage, Tommy and Kimberly return to the Youth Center tell Billy, Zack, and Trini about how Squatt and Baboo kidnapped Kelly, then they all leave to go to the Command Center.

Meanwhile, at downtown Angel Grove Jason picks up the supplies for Ernie, but he then spots the Lizzinator and morphs. As Jason fights the Lizzinator, but he is easily overpowered by the monster, who then escapes. Later on, at the Command Center, the others tell Jason about Kelly's kidnapping and he tells them about the Lizzinator, and explains about how strong the Lizzinator, they decide that all of them, including Tommy, will have to combine their powers. However, Zordon explains to the rangers that will not be enough, then Alpha shows an analysis, and Billy explains how the Lizzinator's body is almost impossible to penetrate because his body made out of supermetals from another galaxy. Then they see on the viewing globe that Lizzinator is attacking Angel Grove, Kimberly asks then Alpha to find Kelly and he says he'll do his best, then the rangers morph. Then they arrived at the Lizzinator's location, where they fight off Putties. However, Jason tries to stop the Lizzinator from attacking a car, then deals a putty that can drive. Jason then begins to fight the Lizzinator, but is again overpowered, until Tommy shows up to fight off the Lizzinator, despite Jason's concerns about how his powers will drained. Meanwhile, in the cave as Squatt and Baboo talk how think Rita will give them an award, Kelly thinks to herself how the situation seems hopeless, but then remembers what Kimberly told her in the park. Kelly offers to teach Squatt and Baboo some cheers, which they accept. Meanwhile, Tommy manages to defeat the Lizzinator while the others defeat the putties, but, then Rita makes the Lizzinator grow, then Tommy summons the Dragonzord. The Lizzinator and the Dragonzord begin to fight but manages to overpower the Dragonzord. The other rangers witness this, then summon the Dinozords and form the Megazord, and join the Dragonzord in the fight against the Lizzinator. Back at the cave, Kelly teaches Squatt and Baboo a cheer about how Rita's their leader, but is always defeated by the Power Rangers, which exhausts them. The Megazord and Dragonzord continue to fight against the Lizzinator but he is still too strong until the rangers summon Titanus, form the Ultrazord, and kill the Lizzinator. Then Alpha finds Kelly and transmits Kelly's location to the rangers. Squatt and Baboo, tired from Kelly's cheers and fed up with them, return to the Moon Palace, then the Power Rangers show up to rescue Kelly, much to her excitement.

The next day at the Youth Center, Kelly, now more confident, thanks Kimberly for helping her realize she just needed to believe herself before her tryout. Bulk and Skull then arrive, and Bulk attempts to showoff a cheer for himself, only to embarrass himself as he rips his pants, then he and Skull leave. Then it's time for Kelly's tryout, she successfully does the routine and makes the team.




  • The title of the episode is an allusion to the Bruce Lee film, Enter the Dragon although with added ellipses.
  • A common theory about this episode (or at the very least the Zyu2 footage) was that it was originally supposed to be focused on Jason and Tommy like the previous episode with the biggest evidence being that Jason is the main focus of the monster plot and not Kimberly as well as the handshake him and Tommy shared.
    • If this theory is to be believed, the reason this was changed was because Saban decided that there were too many episodes faced upon the male Rangers.
      • For reference, out of the fifty six episodes up to that point, only six had Kimberly as the focus and Trini had just seven.
  • Scans of the original script available online indicate that there was a scene cut from the episode. During the initial vandalism before he battled Jason, the Lizzinator was supposed to break one of the car's windows and shatter the glass everywhere and, during the part where Jason mounted a car during the final chase, after the Lizzinator blasts the car with his eye-beams, the car was supposed to go careening off a cliff.
    • The former was cut out due to an additional bit where Jason got cut by the glass (additionally cut due to him bleeding) and the latter was removed due to the violent explosion resulting and thus implying Jason's death.
      • However, in the case of the latter, remnants of this cut can be seen since Jason was separated from the other Rangers after his joyride with the Putty for no apparent reason and they didn't run assistance and why the car vanishes completely after the Lizzinator blasted it.
  • The Lizzinator is something of a parodic reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even his name was an obvious play on the Terminator, and he speaks with a faux-Austrian accent.
  • This episode is the first time all six Rangers morph together since Tommy regained his powers.
  • The cars in the Zyu2 footage have plainly-visible California license plates. This was obviously done by the Japanese production crew to better fit the American setting of Power Rangers.
  • The book "The Super Zords" was based on this episode.
  • This episode marks the last time in which Billy wears overalls.
  • Although she was mentioned as being part of Angel Grove High's cheerleading squad in the series' bible and on some merchandise, this episode marks the only mention of Kimberly's time as a cheerleader in the show.
  • Kelly's capture scene was filmed at Castaic Lake, near Los Angeles.
  • It's revealed that Putties can drive.
  • Green Ranger’s Dragon Shield appeared much more shiny golden in this episode than in his previous Zyu2 appearances which is closer to how it appeared in the original Zyuranger series.


  • The Previously on Power Rangers segment refers to Kelly as being Kimberly's friend when she is actually Kim's cousin.
  • The tryouts were supposedly the same day as the start of the episode, just later on. However, in the interceding time, Kelly moped, waited for Jason and the others to arrive, ran off, reached the Park, had a heart to heart, had a Putty fight, was kidnapped, and had her own cheer-leading squad with Squatt and Baboo whilst the Rangers had three battles against the Lizzinator (two small battles and one Zord battle) as well as rescue her all before the tryout slots were filled.
  • When Kimberly shows Melissa how to cheer-lead, a thirty year old man can clearly be seen in the background despite the Youth Center being a teen hangout.
  • When Finster told Rita that the Lizzinator was almost ready, he appeared to be carving Bones.
  • When Rita said “and my dear stolen cheerleader", she was suddenly on the balcony despite having been in the lab less than ten seconds before.
  • Squatt spoke loudly before grabbing Kelly but she somehow didn't hear him.
  • Ernie says that the delivery truck broke down but Jason was picking the supplies up from the warehouse they wee stored in. If it broke down right outside, why wouldn't they send another delivery truck?
    • Also, he supplies for the Youth Center were in tiny boxes despite Ernie's reaction (which was him freaking out) implying he needed a lot more.
  • The wall the Lizzinator punched through was clearly made of cardboard.
  • The Lizzinator often slipped out of his Austrian accent, especially when he said “OH HO! A toy for me to play with" when picking up a car before being confronted by Jason."
  • The scanner Billy uses to understand the Lizzinator's skin makeup despite it being nothing but an Atari style scanner.
    • Also, he then understands he was made of super metal in spite of the scanner having literally no labels and just a single green glowing light every now and again.
  • Kimberly says that they had to destroy the Lizzinator or they couldn't save Kelly despite the fact there was nothing to stop them from saving Kelly first if they found her since the monster wasn't keeping her magically trapped (ala the Dramole).
  • The Lizzinator was shown destroying buildings in Angel Grove but was supposed to be messing with cars in the quarry.
  • Trini said he was destroying another building despite him only having punched through a wall in the earlier scene she was referencing.
    • Also, she said another despite the fact that she shouldn't know about the earlier distraction or they would have gone to help Jason.
  • Alpha freaked out about the Lizzinator destroying the world despite the fact it would take, at least, several months even with his super strength.
  • Though he morphs with the other Rangers, Tommy is absent from the initial battle with the Lizzinator for no reason.
    • Additionally, the other Rangers outright vanish once Jason is thrown from the Putty Patrollers car for an equal lack of reason (due to the afore-mentioned cut scene) and didn't reappear until they summoned the Dinozords after the Dragonzord took a beating.
  • When chased by the Putty car, Jason just stopped running and stood in front of the speeding car.
  • When he says “Ho ho, need a lift?", he was clearly near the car at the time yet the shot that followed didn't feature him in the background.
  • The Rangers all vanished between the Lizzinator going back to pushing the car and Jason noticing this.
  • The Putty that punches Jason out of the black and white car does so with a ball hand, but it can clearly be seen to have two regular hands while driving the car.
  • For some reason the core five Rangers don't immediately summon their Zords when Lizzinator is turned giant, forcing the Dragonzord to fight the monster alone for no adequately explained reason.
    • If the deleted scene is to be believed, they were trying to get down to Jason.


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