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Ensign Tetsuya Yokota (横田 鉄也 少尉 Yokota Tetsuya Shōi) was a member of EAGLE and friend of Midorenger, Kenji Asuka, who was two years his junior. He had a younger sister, Megumi Yokota, who worked as a schoolteacher. Blackmailed by the Black Cross Army, who threatened to bomb the school Megumi worked at, Tetsuya was forced to betray EAGLE and secretly work with Kettle Mask. Though he at first attempted to frame Asuka as being the traitor, Tetsuya ultimately came clean to his old friend before being killed by Kettle Mask. He was survived by his sister, who was safeguarded by the Gorengers.

Behind the scenes


Tetsuya Yokota was portrayed by veteran tokusatsu actor Naoya Ban (伴 直也 Ban Naoya), who would later portray Makoto Jin in Battle Fever J, the character who replaced Kensaku Shiraishi, who was incidentally portrayed by Asuka's actor Yukio Itou, as Battle Cossack.


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