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Enokiraagin (エノキラーギン Enokirāgin) is the mushroom-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Enokiraagin is created by Doldora to drain the desire to do hard work from people, in belief that slowing down the world will lead to its utter collapse. His first victim, a grocery store owner, becomes so lazy that his son and Remi decide to pick up the slack and keep the shop going while believing he just needs a break from all he had been doing for the shop. As Remi tries to keep the shop going, Enokiraagin attacks her, leading to Fiveman fighting and striking him down, destroying him with the Brother Attack. After Doldora uses Gorlin #05 to create a giant version, he is ultimately defeated by the twin-dagger finisher of FiveRobo.


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  • Enokiraagin creates small mushrooms that attach to people; those it attaches to become lazy as their bodies are drained of energy, ultimately leading to a secession of movement and ultimately death. He can also emit spores that can confuse an opponent and use mushroom disk bombs as projectiles.

Behind the Scenes


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