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Enlarging Beast Gorlin (巨大化獣ゴルリン Kyodaika-jū Gorurin): A giant white-skinned robot alien which absorbs and mimics the defeated Galactic Warriors. It does so by opening a huge mouth that takes in the Galactic Warrior; then absorbs its genetic information to become a giant version of it. It can absorb any being, even if it is already a giant as is the case of Sairagin. Even if it doesn't absorb, it still has considerable strength and firepower from hand cannons to attack its opponent. Ep. 7: The 45m Grade-Schooler However, if the Galactic Warrior had completely died, the Gorlin would not be able to mimic it. Ep. 14: The Cute Liar Each Gorlin costs 100,000 Dolyen, considerably cheap given its dimensions.

Character History

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Black Gorlin

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A special Gorlin Chevalier had modified to serve him as a fighting robot.

List of Enlarging Beast Gorlin


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Powers and Abilities


Gorlin's ability

Behind the Scenes



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  • Gorlins slightly resemble the French tire company Michelin's mascot Bibendum, or the Michelin Man.


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