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"Freely tricky! Engine Toripter!"
―roll call[src]

"Bata bata bata bata!"
―verbal tic[src]

"Kekkou kekkou!"

―when utilizing Missile Battery Out[src]

Engine Toripter (炎神トリプター Enjin Toriputā) is Go-on Gold's partner, a red & gold hybrid of a chicken (niwatori) & a helicopter with a lively prankster personality who is a master in aerial dogfights. He is one of the two Wing Clan Engines who arrived at Human World before Speedor and the others.

With his rotor blades, he can perform the Toripter Patriot (トリプターパタリオット Toriputā Patariotto) and he also attacks with the Missile Battery Out, firing a supply of bullets from his turrets. He is part of a pair with Engine Jetras. He can serve as an auxiliary arm for Engine-O, GunBir-O, and is the main right arm of Seikuu-O. He also forms the right shoulder for Engine-O G9 and G12, the left foot of Engine-O G7, and his tail forms the chestplate for Engine-O G7, 9 and 12, his rotors forming a part of G7's wingpack.


10 Years Grand Prix

In the year 2018, ten years following the battle against Gaiark, Toripter and the other Engines were barred from entering Human World by the Isolation Barrier erected by Noizoon. Thanks to a breach in the dimensions caused by Kitaneidas, the Go-Ongers' partner Engines were able to enter the Human World and join the fight against the Eleki Clan Zontark, saving their human partners from the three Zontark members as Toripter reunited with Hiroto. Ultimately, the seven Engines combined to form Engine-O G7, which performed the 10 Years Grand Prix to destroy Noizoon. Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix

Gender Confusion

Toripter's gender has been a source of confusion. Some believed Toripter was female because the character was voiced by Shizuka Ishikawa, a female voice actor. The question was laid to rest in Episode 38; Shower Banki's attack affected only the male characters, including the Engines. The only Engine not affected by Shower Banki was Bear RV, which confirmed that Toripter is, in fact, male. So, it could just be that Toripter is young. In addition, in Episode 41, he said "I'm just like your older brother.." to Chibi, further implying that he is male.

If that was not enough to prove it, in 10 Years Grand Prix, Toripter has an audibly lower-pitched voice, supporting the idea of him simply being young in the original show.



Dub names

In the Korean dub Power Rangers Engine Force, he is named Tricopter.


  • He is the second animal helicopter hybrid after Karakuri Giant Tenkuujin, specifically a bird-helicopter hybrid.
  • His verbal tic is the onomatopoeic sound of a helicopter's rotor whirring.


Episodes Narrated

Toripter narrates a total of two episodes.

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