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"I've got a tank full of courage, a highway star! Engine Speedor!"
―Speedor's roll call[src]

"Doru doru!"
―verbal tic[src]

"I'm cutting through you! (Buchigishiuze!)"

Engine Speedor (炎神スピードル Enjin Supīdoru) is Go-On Red's Partner Engine, a hybrid of a sports car and a condor. He can't be beaten when it comes to his speed and courage. He primarily attacks by spewing flames from his engine while dashing through foes in the Speedor Burst, and he can also "fly" by folding down his wings and deploying his "arms" to punch foes down. He is also very genuine, as he is true to his friends and most especially to his partner, Sosuke. He doesn't like letting Sōsuke down and often has to apologize for his actions, that essentially came with well intent. He forms the arms, head and upper torso of Engine-O, though for G6, 9 and 12 the arms devolve into shoulders only.


In episode 7, Bombe Banki rusted BearRV, Buson, and him He was stuck in his small form in episode 8, which didn't let the three main Go-Ongers fight Boring Banki. Sōsuke was unable to unrust Speedor and he became real sick. Sōsuke expected a miracle to happen, but it didn't.

Speedor endangered himself looking for his partner "walking" in his small form. Sosuke accepted there being no miracle and worked very hard to clean Speedor and Engine-O successfully defeated Boring Banki along with GunBir-O.

He features prominently in the end credits of Go-Onger Episodes 1-8; 14, 26 & 49.

Some time after the end of Go-Onger and before Gokaiger, he and Bear RV get married and have a son, Machalcon.


Go-Onger Ressha

Go-Onger Ressha

Main article: Go-Onger Ressha

The Go-Onger Ressha is the Legend Sentai ToQ Ressha associated with the Go-Ongers, based on Engine Speedor. It can replace Red Ressha in ToQ-Oh to form ToQ-Oh Engine-O. It is currently exclusive to the toyline.



  • Speedor bears a strong resemblance to Jet Hawk from Choujin Sentai Jetman. Following this, he is also the second condor-based Mech in Sentai, after Jetman's Jet Condor.
  • The engine part of Speedor (which is Engine-O's head) possibly takes inspiration from a muscle car of early days. During that time, some muscle cars had their engine exposed.
  • Despite his bird motif and the ability to fly, it is not confirmed that Speedor is of the Wing Race.
    • Though Speedor does claim that his ability is to jump rather than fly during their first encounter with Hiramekimedes, and he and the other Engines could not have stopped Barbaric Dohma SP without Toripter and Jetras.
  • His voice actor Daisuke Namikawa previously voiced Koichi Hiramoto from Wangan Midnight, which is also an anime focused on vehicles. Interestingly, both Speedor and Hiramoto’s Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (BNR32) are able to accelerate faster than 300 km/h.
  • During Engine-O formations, Speedor has two molds. One is more accurate to his Cast, and another is more streamlined for action scenes.

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