This article is about a/an companion/ally who doubles as a mecha vehicle in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Engine Retsu-Taka (炎神烈鷹 Enjin Retsutaka) is the Samurai World analog to Engine Speedor, a hybrid between a hawk and a racing car who forms the upper body and head of Engine Dai-Shogun. He comes from the Samurai World. He is the leader of his group. As with all Engines his essence is within an Engine Soul.

Character History

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Warrior form

Go-on~Another Retsutaka

The man resembling Retsu-Taka

Warrior of the Flame-People Retsu-Taka (炎衆の戦士・烈鷹 Honōshū no Senshi Retsutaka, Burning Hawk) was Retsu-Taka's warrior form. With his Engine Cast gone, he was forced to transform his Engine Soul into a humanoid body. In the end, Retsu-Taka put his soul in the Engine Sword, in order to keep the Dai-Shogun's power away from evil and entrusted it to two young brothers. Years later, a man that resembles him stole the sword to activate Dai-Shogun. After rustling with Sosuke, he came to his senses and saved the day.



He is played by Kento Handa, and is the only member of Engine Dai-Shogun not to be a former Sentai actor. He instead played the main character of Kamen Rider 555Icon-crosswiki, Takumi InuiIcon-crosswiki.


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