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"Silvery air master! Engine Jetras!"
―roll call[src]

―verbal tic[src]

"You will not escape my fangs."

Engine Jetras (炎神ジェットラス Enjin Jettorasu) is Go-on Silver's partner, a black & silver hybrid of a tiger (トラ tora) and a fighter jet with a calm but strict soldier-like personality. He has a tendency to say English phrases such as "No problem, buddy!". He refers to Miu as "buddy".

With his wings and amazing offensive abilities, he can fire the Jetras Torahawk (ジェットラストラホーク Jettorasu Torahōku) cruise missile from his mouth. It can also act as a "dart", remotely destroying and targeting foes without exploding. He can also perform the Jetras Phantom (ジェットラスファントム Jettorasu Fantomu), where he creates illusory clones to confuse the enemy. He is part of a pair with Engine Toripter, and forms the main left arm of Seikuu-O. He also forms the left shoulder and helmet of Engine-O G9 and 12, as well as Engine-O G7's right foot and wingpack.



Before Speedor and the others were transported to the Human world, Jetras along with Toripter chased Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes into a wormhole that would expel the Wing Engines into the Human World where they would befriend their partners. After this meeting,the Engines brought the Go-on Wings back to Machine World where they would be mentored by Engine Jum-bowhale.

10 Years Grand Prix

In the year 2018, ten years following the battle against Gaiark, Jetras and the other Engines were barred from entering Human World by the Isolation Barrier erected by Noizoon. Thanks to a breach in the dimensions caused by Kitaneidas, the Go-Ongers' partner Engines were able to enter the Human World and join the fight against the Eleki Clan Zontark, saving their human partners from the three Zontark members as Jetras reunited with Miu. Ultimately, the seven Engines combined to form Engine-O G7, which performed the 10 Years Grand Prix to destroy Noizoon. Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix


Dub Names

In the Korean dub Power Rangers Engine Force, he is named Jetiger.


  • His name is a portmanteau of "jet" and "tora" (Japanese for tiger) with an -s extension.
  • His verbal tic is the onomatopoeic sound of a jet flying by. Additionally, it is the phonetic extension of the Japanese word for "silver".


Episodes Narrated

Jetras narrates a total of two episodes.

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