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"The hard dispatch! Engine Gunpherd!"
―Gunpherd's roll call[src]

"Ganga Gan!"
―verbal tic[src]

Engine Gunpherd (炎神ガンパード Enjin Ganpādo) is Go-On Black's Partner Engines, a hybrid of a German Shepherd and a racing police car. He pursues enemies and acts like he is the law, and is a very serious and professional Engine, to the point of scolding Gunpei for missing three shots against Speaker Banki. Referred to as "Sniper" by the other Engines, he is stubborn and much like a detective, he didn't want to acknowledge Gunpei as his partner but did accept his help to find his Engine Cast.

Known as a sniper for his cannon nose, the Gunpherd Gun, Gunpherd pursues enemies in a hot chase with an equally burning sense of justice.


10 Years Grand Prix

In the year 2018, ten years following the battle against Gaiark, Gunpherd and the other Engines were barred from entering Human World by the Isolation Barrier erected by Noizoon. Thanks to a breach in the dimensions caused by Kitaneidas, the Go-Ongers' partner Engines were able to enter the Human World and join the fight against the Eleki Clan Zontark, saving their human partners from the three Zontark members as Gunpherd reunited with Gunpei. Ultimately, the seven Engines combined to form Engine-O G7, which performed the 10 Years Grand Prix to destroy Noizoon. Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix



  • Unlike the other Engines, Gunpherd's name is a portmanteau off of his main weapon motif (gun) and animal motif (German Shepherd). Gunpherd is also the first non-dinosaur Mecha that uses a specific animal name for his own (German Shepherd as opposed to simply dog).


Eyecatch Race


GUnpherd winning a race

Having won ten of the Eyecatch races counting the shared win in the finale, Gunpherd comes third out of the five Engines.

Episodes Narrated

Gunpherd has narrated seven episodes in total.

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