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"Engine Fusion! (combination) GunBir-O! Tune up, Go-on!"
―pre- & post-combination announcement[src]

Engine Combination GunBir-O (炎神合体ガンバルオー Enjin Gattai Ganbaruō), referred to as "Another King of Engines", is formed when Gunpherd, Birca, and Carrigator combine.

Its techniques include Bircutter Storm (バルカッターストーム Barukattā Sutōmu) where Birca spins so rapidly that he creates a wind vortex that pushes the enemy back or alternatively shields GunBir-O, and Bircutter Wrist Return (バルカッター小手返し Barukattā Kote Gaeshi), where Birca twists its "wrist" to get something submerged in water, much like a fish game in a festivalTvicon.png TV STORY-GP 39: Nostalgic Children.

GunBir-O can also use the Gunpherd Gun and Bircutter Slash attacks. With Engine-O and SeiKuu-O, it can perform Go-Onger Storm, Triple Punch, and Grand Prix Festival.

Its finishing attack is the GunBir-O: Ganbaru Grand Prix (ガンバルグランプリ Ganbaru Guran Puri). Carrigater announces "There is no limit to great strength!" (剛力無制限 Gōriki Museigen), then GunBir-O performs a colored one-two slash attack with Gunpherd then Birca, then Carrigator participates by chomping onto the unfortunate Banki.

Engine-O G6

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"G6 Formation- Engine Gattai! (combination) Engine-O G6! Tune up- Go On!"
―pre- & post- combination announcement[src]

By pressing 5*6 using the Go-Phone to initiate the combination. This giant fuses the power of the first 6 Engines into herculean strength, overpowering the Ministers-powered Lens Banki. It can attack with the G6 Kick, a flying kick. Tvicon.png TV STORY-GP 10: Starting Alright Additionally, it can travel with Carrigator's wheels at extreme speed, outmaneuvering giant Banki when necessary.

Ren also made the Blaster Souls to use with the Handle Blasters for the G6 Grand Prix, where Engine-O G6 charges through a racing track manifestation, stops, then fires energy constructs of the 6 Engines that compose it at the enemy, destroying him/her. Its suit actor was Hirofumi Fukuzawa.  

Other Combinations

GunBir-O Jetras

With Jetras, GunBir-O becomes GunBir-O Jetras (ガンバルオージェットラス Ganbaruō Jettorasu), using Jetras's wings and the Bircutter in its Torabircutter Slash (トラバルカッタースラッシュ Torabarukattā Surasshu) finisher, where they let out a double slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-GP 38: The Maidens' Sanctity

GunBir-O Toripter

With Toripter, GunBir-O becomes GunBir-O Toripter (ガンバルオートリプター Ganbaruō Toriputā), using the Gunpherd Gun and Toripter's turrets in its Toripgun Battery Out (トリプガンバタリオット Toripugan Batariotto), where it shoots out a barrage of energy bullets. Tvicon.png TV STORY-GP 44: Protect Christmas Eve

Additional Formations


Behind the scenes


  • This combination's name is either a pun on the Japanese word ganbaru (頑張る) which means to work hard or to do one's best, or the portmanteau of the two Engines' speech quirks, "Ganga gan" and "Baru baruka". The latter is referenced in GP 07: Partner Amigo, after they destroyed Bombe Banki.



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