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"Engine Dai-Shogun! Grandly marching into battle!"
―Combination announcement from the Engines[src]

"Engine Dai-Shogun! Checker flag!"
―Final post-finisher announcement[src]

"It is a pity Sosuke, We will watch over Samurai World."
―Shishi-no-Shin's final words before petrifying forever in stone[src]

"There might be people who are just like us in Human World. Go and be allies of justice or whatever there, okay?"
―Tsuki-no-Wa's final words before petrifying forever in stone[src]

"Now we can finally rest in peace, Sosuke."
―Retsutaka's final words before petrifying forever in stone[src]

The Engine Dai-Shogun (炎神大将軍 Enjin DaiShōgun) is a Robo featured in the Engine Sentai Go-Onger Movie. It's composed of three Engines that are black, gold, and red palette swaps of Engine Speedor, Engine Buson and Engine Bear RV, called Engine Retsu-Taka, Engine Tsuki-no-Wa, and Engine Shishi-no-Shin respectively, with additional Shogun armor and weaponry.


The movie introduces the three Wandering Engines (流れ炎神 Nagare Enjin) who sought to become stronger for others. They were robbed of their hearts and Engine Casts by Maki's magic when they came to Samurai World, their Souls assuming human forms called the Honōshū (炎衆 Flame People) to fight her and restore themselves.

With the Go-ongers' aid, the Honōshū Warriors remembered their reason for becoming stronger as they regain their Engine Casts and execute "Engine Entering Soul!" (炎神入魂 Enjin Nyūkon) to assume their true forms, combining into the Samurai World's analog to Engine world's Engine-O, Engine Dai-Shogun. Its finishing attack is the Roaring Crimson Slash (轟音紅蓮斬り Gōon Guren Giri) with its enlarged burning Flame-God Sword (炎神剣 Enjinken). After Maki's death, Engine Dai-Shogun exhausted its wounded energy from fighting her, and its components' souls fade out as it is turned to stone.


It did later appear in GP 39 & 40 when it dropped into the Human World. It was activated via a miniature version of the Enjinken entrusted to the Samurai World children, Akinosuke and Harunosuke afterwards, the primary Go-Ongers used their partner's Souls to revitalize and revive Engine DaiShogun for one more time. However, the Casts did not return to stone and instead were brought back to Samurai World with Akinosuke & Harunosuke via the energy-filled Ancient Engines.


Engine Retsu-Taka

Engine Retsu-Taka (炎神烈鷹 Enjin Retsutaka) is the Samurai World analog to Engine Speedor, a hybrid between a hawk and a racing car who forms the upper body and head of Engine Dai-Shogun. He comes from the Samurai World. He is the leader of his group. As with all Engines his essence is within an Engine Soul.

Engine Tsuki-no-Wa

Engine Tsuki-no-Wa (炎神月ノ輪 Enjin Tsukinowa) is the Samurai World analog to Engine Bear RV, a hybrid between a black moon bear and an 4WD truck or a buggy who forms Engine Dai-Shogun's lower body.

She is the only female of the group. Her essence is an Engine Soul.

Engine Shishi-no-Shin

Engine Shishi-no-Shin (炎神獅子之進 Enjin Shishinoshin) is the Samurai World analog to Engine Buson, a hybrid between a lion and a bus who forms Engine Dai-Shogun's hip, legs, and katana. The front screen shows 風林火山(Fūrinkazan).


  • Its Gouon Guren Giri is very similar to the future Shinken Gokai-Oh's finisher. Fitting as they are both samurai-themed Mecha with fire as a secondary motif.
  • Several of the terms used by Engine DaiShogun are wordplay on the terms used by the Go-Ongers; "Enjin" to Engine, "Gouon" to Go-On.
  • Even though it never does so in the Movie or Series, Engine Dai-Shogun could combine with engines 4-12, in the same way as Engine-Oh as the Deluxe version of the former was built in the manner of the latter.


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