This article is about a/an morphing and powerup implement in Power Rangers RPM.

The Engine Cells are devices created by Doctor K to power the Ranger Operators' equipment after being provided energy from the Bio-Field via her computer. The Cells are inserted into the miniature Zord Attack Vehicles summoned from the Rangers' suit logos to restore the Zords to their full-sized forms. They are similar to the Power Disks from Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

They are also used to power the Nitro Blasters, Road Blaster, Turbo Plasma Launcher, RPM Enforcer and SkyShift Blazers. In addition to Cells for the Zord Attack Vehicles there are Cells for morphing (each morpher uses different types as shown below) as well as one for the Wheel Blasters and SkyShift Blazers in the Megazord cockpits.

When the Rangers use Engine Cells they mostly say "Engine Cell Activate".

Engine Cells

Zord Cells

Morpher Cells

Weapon Cells

Other Cells

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