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"The stylish, dashing safety driver! Engine Buson!"
―roll call[src]

"On on!"
―verbal tic[src]

Engine Buson (炎神バスオン Enjin Basuon) is Go-On Blue's Partner Engine, a hybrid of a bus and a lion. He is pure fiery force in contrast to Ren's intelligence. On his screen he can scroll various phrases such as "Stop" and "Go Go-Onger!". His large size allows him to ram through obstacles and foes, and he can also attack with Bus-on Missiles, where he lifts the compartments on his top to fire missiles. He can alternatively fire the Highway Fireworks, a blue laser beam from said compartments. He forms the hips and legs of all Engine-O formations.

He is featured prominently in the end credits of Go-Onger Episodes 9 and onwards.


10 Years Grand Prix

In the year 2018, ten years following the battle against Gaiark, Bus-on and the other Engines were barred from entering Human World by the Isolation Barrier erected by Noizoon. Thanks to a breach in the dimensions caused by Kitaneidas, the Go-Ongers' partner Engines were able to enter the Human World and join the fight against the Eleki Clan Zontark, saving their human partners from the three Zontark members as Bus-on reunited with Renn. Ultimately, the seven Engines combined to form Engine-O G7, which performed the 10 Years Grand Prix to destroy Noizoon. Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix



Eyecatch Race


Buson winning a race

Having won nine of the Eyecatch races counting the shared win in the finale, Buson comes 4th out of the five Engines.

Episodes Narrated

Buson narrates a total of eight episodes.

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