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"Leave it to me."
―Engine Brain's first words[src]

"Of course! Nobody can stop me!"
―Engine Brain's first words to the Liveman[src]


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Character History

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This monster was created by Doctor Kemp. This monster enters a car that Yusuke was building with Takuji's younger brother Takeshi. Taking control of the car, this monster drives off and causes trouble before Red Falcon finds him. After being forced out, this monster enters another car before the Livemen counter with the newly built Live Cougar in a car-chase battle. After being blasted to bits by the Biomotion Blaster, this monster was reformed into a giant by Gash before it was destroyed by the Live Robo.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Engine Brain is the first "Brain" to really speak properly and have complete sentience with Transmission Brain speaking just a few phrases and the first two Brains not having the ability to speak at all.


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Behind the Scenes

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