This article is about a/an technique in Engine Sentai Go-Onger and Juken Sentai Gekiranger.
Engine-Ken is an amalgamated type of Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts which merges the technique of the Gekiranger Gekiwaza with the technology and sentience of the Go-Onger Engines. With it, the user can access the Engines apart from their Engine Souls - a reflection of the evolution of their truly close bond. The Gekirangers trained the Go-Ongers in its use following the kidnapping of the Engines (trapped in their Engine Souls) by the Gaiark and Meka. The maniestation is similar to how the Gekiranger release the Gekibeasts to attack. In this case Go-Ongers, except for Red, simply 'call' out the Engines to attack, enveloping themselves in Geki fire. Go-On Red, uses his weapons to attack, also with an Engine manifestation.


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