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Above: The Enetron containment facility. Below: Enetron is a new viable energy source used in a variety of ways.

Enetron is a new viable energy source that is the primary power of the city. It has replaced fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and can be used to power domestic houses and appliances.

Vaglass, under the leadership of Messiah, attempts to collect Enetron, as well as destroy large deposits of it, by sending an avatar named Enter. A certain amount of Enetron can also be used to transport MegaZords from Hyper Space, as well as create Metaloids.

Because of the constant threat to Enetron theft and abuse, the Energy Management Center has a special task-force, the Go-Busters, to combat their threat.

Enetron also powers up the Go-Busters' arsenal. The Go-Busters have also learned how to use Enetron as a defensive and offensive weapon, and it ties into their personal attacks as well as those of their own MegaZords.

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