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Okelampa Energy

Okelampa enlarging a Doggler monster


Energy Beast Okelampa (エネルギー獣オケランパ Enerugījū Okeranpa) is a mole cricket-like creature that emerges when the monsters of the Tube Empire are destroyed by the Maskman. With its ray, the Doggler monsters were enlarged. The only dialogue spoken each episode by Okelampa are, as he prepares to enlarge the Doggler after emerging on land, a call of his own name, Kela Kela Kela Kela... Okelampa! (ケラケラケラケラ…オケランパ! Kera Kera Kera Kera... Okeranpa!) and, after tiring from firing his ray of enlargement, Phew! Oh goodness! (ふぅ〜、やれやれ Fū, yareyare!). His last appearance was in the penultimate episode, when he enlarged Earth Curiosities Beast Anagmas, since Earth Emperor Zeba grew himself on his own.

Okelampa's absence in the finale leaves his ultimate fate unknown, depending on whether or not he was present in the Underground Castle when it was destroyed, in which case he would have almost certainly perished along with Fumin and Oyobu.

Monsters enlarged


  • His name contains the Kera (ケラ), the japanese word for "Mole cricket", which is his motif.


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