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Ene-tan (エネたん) is a frog-type mecha Buddy Roid. She can combine with Buster Vehicle FS-0O to modify its submarine mode or to configure it into a Buster Animal. Typically, she operates the cockpit of FS-0O on her own.


Ene-tan typically circles Tokyo's bays riding FS-0O. When the Go-Busters came to Tokyo to thwart Enter's plans at the Tokyo Enetower, Ene-tan came to assist, though she protested everytime the Go-Busters attempted to pilot for her. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters the Movie: Protect the Tokyo Enetower!

When Messiah was about to evolve from MegaZord Zeta, Jin Masato contacted her to assist, and tasked her to be ready by the bay area. Though still in prototype stage, she assisted in bringing down the Megazords attacking. Mission 44: Christmas Eve - Time to Finish Our Mission

Buddy Roid Key

Ene-tan Key

"Special Ranger Key!"
Mobilates' Gokai Change announcement (toy)[src]

The Ene-tan Key (エネたんキー Ene-tan Kī) is Ene-tan's Buddy Roid Key. The five Buddy Roid Keys were transformed from the gathered Phantom Ranger Keys held by the Gokaigers, with the Ene-tan Key having transformed from the Green Phantom Key. When used in GokaiOh, they granted access to the Greater Power of the Go-Busters which allowed the mecha of both the Go-Busters and GokaiOh to use Megazord Keys to transform into past Sentai Robos. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie

It is unknown if the Buddy Roid Keys can be used by the Gokaigers to change into Buddy Roids, nor is it known what happened to them after their use.

Behind the scenes


Ene-tan is voiced by Nozomi Tsuji (辻 希美 Tsuji Nozomi).



  • Ene-tan is the only BuddyRoid to not be adapted into a proper Beast Bot for Power Rangers Beast Morphers. However, Ene-tan can be spotted in the vault of Grid Battleforce.
  • Her design is similar to Keroro, the titular character of Sergeant Frog and also that of an Enetron can.
  • She is the smallest Buddy Roid, as she is able to sit on Usada Lettuce's head, the smallest of the core three Buddy Roids.
  • Ene-tan has the following quirks that make her unique to the other Buddy Roids:
    • She is the only one to be female.
    • She is the only one who is not partnered with a Go-Buster, as there is no Green Go-Buster in the main universe. There is, however an alternate universe Green Go-Buster.
  • Ene-tan's key is one of only two keys that fold downwards, the other being Usada Lettuce's.


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