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The original leader of the Vyram.


The previous ruler of Vyram, referring to herself as the mother of all creation, Juuza along with her underlings Radiguet, Grey, and Tran had conquered the entire Back Dimension and was presumed to have died during the last battle. However, Juuza actually went under a long sleep to regain her strength after acquiring the Semimaru and incubating it. Coming to Earth via a meteorite, Juuza makes her presence known by causing a momentary blackout across the city. By the time the Jetmen investigate, finding Radiguet as he was about to kill her while asleep, Juuza emerges and resumes control of Vyram as she then proceeds to turn every human in the city into a crystal pillar so she can feed Semimaru. The Jetmen nearly lose to her as Gai is affected by Juuza's spell.

After banishing Radiguet for his treachery, Juuza resumes her attack as the Jetmen battle her before Gai succumbs to Juuza's spell. With some unexpected assistance from Radiguet, the Jetmen destroy her forehead crystal to free everyone she turned into crystal. Enraged that her face is scarred, Juuza assumes her Demon Beast form as the rest of Vyram and Black Condor join the fight against her as the Jetmen use the Fire Bazooka to defeat her. Near death, she is killed by Radiguet when he jabs his sword into her throat just before Semimaru hatched.



While able to use telekinesis and breathe fire in her human form, Juuza can assume a Demon Beast form where she fires bullets from her fingers and shock-waves and beams from her mouth.


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