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―Emperor Yodon telepathically contacting Galza.[src]

"This world's seas will be tainted... its land will run rotten, becoming a colony for Yodonheim."
―Emperor Yodon's declaration to the Kiramagers.[src]

Emperor Yodon (ヨドン皇帝 Yodon Kōtei) is the mysterious ruler of the Dark Empire Yodonheim and the main antagonist of Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

Character History

After the destruction of Faucet Hildon, Carantula apologized to Emperor Yodon for the failure of the plan, but informed him that another one was currently underway. Episode 2: Leader Certification

Yodon's drawing in Juru's Sketchbook

When Yodonna was beaten by KiramaiBlue and KiramaiYellow, Emperor Yodon telepathically ordered Galza to go retrieve her in Smog Jouki. Juru Atsuta heard his voice as well and later drew a sketch of the figure he had seen. Episode 34: Blue and Yellow Passion

After the Kiramagers' battle and Oradin's declaration that Earth wouldn't fall into the hands of Yodonheim,Episode 36: RAP Emperor Yodon starts making a move. He orders Yodonna to seek Oradin. After she successfully lures him out, the Emperor manifests himself from her body and declares that he will personally subjugate Earth. He then shows his terrific might by swinging his tendril, destroying a large part of the city, much to the Kiramangers' horror. Saying that Earth has not been defiled enough, Emperor Yodon warns that his advent is near before reverting back into Yodonna. Episode 37: Sena 1/5

At the dark realm, Yodonna takes orders from him that all Kiramagers must be destroyed at once, then later transforms into Yodon. He orders Galza to bring Shadon to Earth and takes his form with the Red Jamen.

After Shadon gets destroyed by rangers, Yodon reverts back to his main form. With Red Jamen destroyed, he declares revenge against them before leaving to his realm.Episode 39: The Emperor is a Sniper


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Powers and Abilities

  • Sheer Power: Being the ruler of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, Emperor Yodon is possibly the most powerful of all the villains, his powers surpassing those of his subordinates.
  • Shadow Mimicry: Yodon has the ability to appear as a shadow.
  • Telepathy: Emperor Yodon was able to talk to Galza mentally.
  • Darkness: Emperor Yodon can make the sky turn dark.
  • Body Possession: Yodon can take over either Yodonna or Shadon's body to assume his physical form or talk through them.
  • Teleportation: Yodon can teleport from one place to another.


  • Tail Whip Arm: Emperor Yodon has a spiked tail-like whip on his left arm for combat.
    • Energy Tendrils: Yodon can transform his whip arm into multiple dark energy tendrils that were strong enough to cause massive explosions around the entire city. This was enough to overpower Kiramaizin, GigantDriller and Grateful Phoenix.
  • Masks: On each side of his face is a mask. By covering his face with one of the masks, he can assume a form based on an aspect of his personality.
    • Yodonna Mask: The mask on the left side of his face allows him to take on the form of Yodonna.
    • Shadon Mask: The mask on the right side of his face allows him to take on the form of Shadon.


  • Purity: Emperor Yodon apparently can't last too long on planets that are undefiled. To compensate, he appears in the form of Yodonna or Shadon.
  • Transformed State: Another major weakness is that when he is transformed into Yodonna or Shadon, he is significantly weaker and more vulnerable to his enemies' attacks.
  • Mask Destruction: If any general that serves as an aspect of his personality has been destroyed, the mask will be destroyed as well, leaving Yodon unable to use it anymore.

Behind the Scenes



Emperor Yodon in the opening theme song

  • In the opening theme song, Emperor Yodon's silhouette is seen along with the rest of the Yodonheim members.
  • He is the first male boss villain of the Reiwa Era, and of the 2020s.
  • His motif is that of a snake.
  • His ability to turn himself into a general of his faction makes him similar to Brajira of the Messiah and his Buredoran disguises from Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
    • Unlike Brajira though (whose disguises are physically similar to his original form), Emperor Yodon is capable of changing his entire form into a different one (namely specific generals).
  • Yodon is the first Yodonheim member to be naturally giant aside from the Jamen Beasts, though he shrinks whenever he assumes the identities of Yodonna or Shadon.



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