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Character History

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In manga

In the non-canon manga, his human body was taken over by Radiguet and he sacrificed himself to destroy Radiguet.

Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai

Emperor Tranza is one of several past Super Sentai villains that appear in clips in the anniversary special Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.


As Tran

A psychokinetic child who specialized into creating monsters based on children's playthings to satisfy his fun desires, and thought both enemy or ally fatalities as "just part of the fun". He had great psychokinetic powers. When the Jetman began to suspect that there might be innocent civilians trapped within their enemies bodies, Ryu began to stop serious attacks, afraid of hurting the child Tran might be. This unfortunately led to the other Vyram teasing Tran. The constant anger became unbearable, driving Tran to undergo a super-rapid growth, becoming Emperor Tranza.

Emperor Tranza

Tran became Emperor Tranza and seized leadership of Vyram. He wielded the Boltranza long-sword. He had increased power and was able to do damage to the other three. They then united against him. Their first try was to create a monster but Tranza improved upon it wielding it to his advantage, rendering them more upset. When Radiguet sabotaged Tranza's Robot Veronica as revenge, Tranza fed him to the robot. He forgot about Radiguet and came up with a plan that could finally finish off the Jetman but was thwarted by Radiguet. Defeated by the Jetman in final combat as a result of Radiguet's influence, he ended up becoming a weak human in a mental institution.

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


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  • Tran is the first child villain in Super Sentai.
  • In the Philippine Dub, Tran is voiced by Gloria De Guzman until Episode 36. As Emperor Tranza, he is voiced by Montreal Repuyan.



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