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Emperor Mavro is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the second season of Power Rangers Megaforce. This episode marks the debut of Emperor Mavro and the final appearance of Damaras and the Ultimate Legendary Megazord.


Emperor Mavro comes to Earth, with his personal fleet, to avenge his sons' deaths and arrests Damaras for failing to protect the Prince. He gives a chance to Damaras to redeem himself by destroying the Power Rangers, but he fails against their determination and teamwork. The Emperor has not yet said his last word.[1]


The rangers are seen fighting a army of X-Borgs which Jake stars clowning around while fighting the X-Borgs.Jake explains that the Armada is done without a leader,which they have a piggyback race to the Froyo.At the Armada Mothership,Damaras and Levira get worried and nervous without a leader.Then Marvo and his generals,Redker and Yellzor arrives at the ship.Emperor Marvo berates Damaras for letting the Rangers destroy his sons.Redker and Yellzor then takes Damaras into custody.Troy and Orion are seen getting tickets for a concert.Then the rest of the rangers then see the invasion and Damaras appears (because of Levira giving him one last chance and getting revenge and redeem the Emperor for Prince Vekar's death).                                                                                                                     

The Rangers are now seen fighting Damaras which knocks the Rangers down and captures Troy.At the ship,he is seen in the ground,blindfolded.He then gets taken to custody. The Rangers are back at the base,injured.Jake then goes to rescue Troy.Damaras is sending the humanity a message but Jake appears to fight X-Borgs.Tensou is seen getting Troy free and to help Jake.Damaras then gets blasted by Emma,Gia,Noah and Orion.The Rangers then morph and defeat him.Levira then maximizes him only for Damaras to get defeated by the Rangers.Back at the base.Troy congratulates Jake and the rest of the rangers for helping him.Then Troy gives them tickets to a concert and goes to it.


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  • When Redker makes Damaras suffer at the beginning of the episode, his claws bend, exposing the material used to make them.
  • Several errors can be noticed during the fight against the X-Borgs:
    1. Royal Guards can be seen at first, but moments later, they suddenly disappear.
    2. Japanese writing can be seen in the background, when Noah says "Jake what are you doing?"
    3. When fighting it's cloudy, but when Orion arrives, it's sunny, but turns cloudy again moments later.
    4. Jake head and arms are sticking out of a box, despite in the previous scene where his head did not go into a box.
    5. When Rangers de-morph the scenery is different.
  • When the Rangers were using the Super Mega Cannon, they showed Jake holding the cannon in the end.
  • Damaras was smoking and appeared injured after the Ultimate Legendary Megazord formed despite them never landing a hit on him.
    • In Gokaiger, they unleashed a big fireball attack that went straight through him and caused critical injuries.
  • Yellzor suddenly disappears moments before Damaras is released from his prison.
  • Orion said "Legendary Q-Rex Megazord, ready" instead of "Q-Rex Megazord, ready"
  • When Troy attempts to morph while in the clutches of Damaras, he knocks the Morpher out of Troy's hand. However, before it was knocked out of his hand, he did not pull out the key, and yet when it is shown knocked to the ground, the Red Ranger Key falls right next to the Legendary Morpher as if Troy was holding them both in his left hand.



Super Megaforce Everyday Fun- Antonio and Mia Concert

  • The concert shown at the end of this episode is recycled footage from the Super Samurai episode He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother, and the song they sing is Everyday Fun.
  • Yellzor only appears in this episode, he is not mentioned again but it can be assumed he was destroyed leading one of the Armada ships in the finale episode.
  • This marks the final time that Orion pilots the Q-Rex Megazord. It is auto-piloted in the next episode which is its last appearance.

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