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"Damaras, you must make sure that no harm comes to my fool of a son Vekar on this mission. Understood? He's an empty headed blunderer! Nothing like his brother. Still, he's my firstborn and heir, but he needs your guidance. You must ensure that this invasion goes smoothly in spite of him!"
―Emperor Mavro's first (chronological) words to Damaras before the invasion of Earth.[src]

"As you can see Damaras, most of your fleet has just paid the ultimate price for your failure to conquer this planet and to protect my son Prince Vekar."
―Emperor Mavro's first words in the series itself when entering the Armada flagship and berating Damaras for his multiple failures.[src]

"Damaras failed me, but the Power Rangers did the deed. They destroyed my sons. Now, I will destroy them."
―Mavro swearing revenge on the Mega Rangers for the deaths of his children.[src]

"People of Earth, hear me, I am Mavro, Emperor of the Armada. We control this entire galaxy! Only you and your Power Rangers dare to resist us, but it's over! We've won! Your Power Rangers have been destroyed and you are all next! You have one last night to savor your despair! You will regret defying us! Tomorrow at dawn, we are coming back to finish you! Hahahahaha!"
―Emperor Mavro introducing himself to the people of Earth after the Armada fleet destroyed all the Rangers' Megazords.[src]

―Emperor Mavro's final word before his death in the original version of the final episode.[src]

"It's only over when I say it is! I've survived far worse than that pathetic attempt! Hundreds of worlds, countless enemies have fallen before me and now you will be added to the list of the defeated and forgotten!"
―Emperor Mavro revealing that he survived the destruction of the Armada Mothership (extended episode only).[src]

"You may have defeated me, but you won't defeat my army!"
―Emperor Mavro's final words before his death (extended edition only).[src]

Emperor Mavro is the main antagonist of Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce. As the emperor of The Armada and the father of both Vrak and Vekar, he commands a powerful military force all throughout the galaxy. At his side are the Royal Guards, acting as his security detail 24/7.


Some time before Warstar went to attack Earth, Emperor Mavro called Damaras to his throne room for a discussion. Mavro told Damaras that he must assist his son Prince Vekar in the invasion of Earth. He elaborated by calling Vekar an empty-headed blunderer and nothing compared to his brother Vrak. Nonetheless, Vekar was still his first born and, thus, his main heir. Damaras was to serve as Vekar's second-in-command alongside Vrak.

Fed up with all the failures from the Armada, Mavro sends Matacore to assist Vekar in the invasion of Earth. Matacore assisted Prince Vekar, only to get killed.

Mavro sits on his throne.

Once again fed up with the failures, he sends his royal guards to Vekar's fleet to drop down the Armada Megazord as a last resort to conquer Earth. However, this plan failed as well.

Emperor Mavro arrives on the Armada Mothership.

After the deaths of both of his sons, Emperor Mavro decided to participate directly in the invasion of Earth. He arrived with his fleet, the Imperial fleet. As punishment for failing to conquer Earth, he had the Imperial fleet wipe out the fleet surrounding the Armada Mothership, and had Yellzor and Redker throw Damaras into prison. 

Seeking to avenge the death of his sons, Mavro had an X-Borg platoon attack Earth, only for them to be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Redker volunteered to destroy the Rangers, but Levira had something else in mind. After quick convincing from Levira, Mavro gave Damaras a chance to redeem himself. He had Damaras capture Troy to give him a public execution on Earth as a means to get all of humanity to surrender, only for this plan to be thwarted by the Rangers.

Much later, Emperor Mavro called in as many Armada forces in the galaxy to attack Earth to conquer it. To buy time for the arrival of reinforcements, Mavro tricked Levira into going on a suicide mission against the Rangers. When Levira was destroyed, the reinforcements arrived. Though the Rangers wiped out the fleet with their Megazords, another fleet wave arrived. This time, the fleet destroyed all of the Rangers' Megazords. Once that was done, Mavro introduced himself to the people of Earth, much like Malkor did a year earlier. Through the ship's hologram system, he stated that the Power Rangers are destroyed and that the Earth is his just like all the other planets he rules in the galaxy. Wanting them to suffer, he told the humans that he will attack the next day at dawn to finish the job.

Surviving the destruction of the Megazords, the Rangers hatched a new plan. While Troy and Orion crashes an Armada ship into the Armada Mothership, the other Rangers dealt with Redker and a swarm of X-Borgs. While Orion distracts Mavro by battling him, Troy presses all sorts of buttons in the Armada Mothership. This resulted in the entire Armada fleet being wiped out. Mavro was angry about this. To ensure Emperor Mavro's defeat, Orion and Troy had the Armada Mothership crash to the ground. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

End of Emperor Mavro.png

Emperor Mavro, however, survives the blast, stating that he's survived worse. The Rangers morph and gave it all their might against Mavro using most, if not all, of their Legendary Ranger Modes. As the finisher move, the Rangers used the Super Mega Saber Blast and Super Silver Spear against Mavro, aiming directly at his stomach. However, Mavro survived with a wound on his stomach. Mavro deemed himself invincible, much to Orion's response, stating that no one is invincible. At point-blank range, Orion fired the Super Mega Cannon at the wound in Mavro's stomach, blasting him to death. In his final breath, Mavro called whatever remains of the Armada (which was a huge X-Borg army) just before he was consumed in a massive explosion.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


Emperor Mavro is the strict and ruthless ruler of the Armada. He is very self-entitled as he claimed to be the ruler of the universe in his time. He treats all of his servants as extensions to his will. However, he isn't entirely heartless as he displays compassion for his sons, Vekar and Vrak. He showed greater favor towards Vrak, as he could operate on his own, unlike Prince Vekar, but showed greater concern for Vekar's well-being. It appears that Armada tradition of the firstborn inheriting the throne prevented Mavro from making Vrak the heir. His children in turn tried to impress him. Although Mavro favored Vrak over Vekar, Vrak still felt the need to prove his worth to him since Vekar is the firstborn heir. Additionally, Vekar stated that Vrak always hogged the glory whenever possible. While being very egotistical himself, Mavro seemed to think that Vrak was too egotistical for his liking, and sought to humble him by having him serve under Admiral Malkor. After hearing that both of his sons have perished, he became determined to avenge them by destroying the Rangers. Due to enjoying countless victories over the years, Mavro developed a superiority complex as he deemed himself invincible in battle. He has claimed to have survived far worse than Orion and Troy's attempt at destroying Mavro by blowing up the Armada Mothership with him. However, his arrogance is his flaw as it eventually led to his downfall. 


Powers and Abilities

Emperor Mavro is so powerful that he is able to dodge every attack even while sitting down, giving him power that far exceeds that of Vrak, Admiral Malkor, Creepox, Bigs, Bluefur, Metal Alice, The Messenger, Prince Vekar, Argus, Damaras, Levira, Yellzor and Redker combined. Although Damaras declares himself to be the most powerful, that is actually false because Damaras only holds the title out of reputation. Unlike Malkor and Vrak, Mavro's power is consistent, as he does not get his power from a metamorphosis like Malkor nor does he change form or use stolen powers like Vrak, being powerful from his own accord without outside sources.


  • Shoulder Fireballs: Mavro can shoot powerful fireballs from his shoulders, which can cause large explosions.


  • Ultra Strength: Mavro is the strongest opponent that the Super Mega Rangers had ever faced.
  • High Durability: Mavro's body is resilient and impervious to most attacks as shown in the true final battle, it took the power of most of the Super Megaforce Ranger's Legendary Ranger Modes to defeat him. Even then, nothing significantly case him to the point that the blow from Orion in Gold Mode that broke his sword only made him fall to one knee. Even the Super Mega Sabre Blast and Orion's spear throw merely made a sound on his stomach. The only way to destroy him was by shoving the Super Mega Cannon right in the wound in his middle and blasting into it otherwise he will not die.
  • Royal Leadership: Due to his great leadership, Mavro leads a galactic empire.
  • Battle Skills: Mavro can hold his own against just about any foe.
  • Quick Reflexes: Mavro can block any attack effortlessly from his opponents even while sitting down.


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  • Royal Sword: Mavro possesses a sword which excels in both offense and defense. He uses it against his enemies as well as to symbolize authority towards the Armada.
    • Royal Sword Wave: Mavro can also fire a powerful yellow energy wave from his sword.
  • Armada Megazord: A Megazord which Mavro designed. It is equipped with a chest cannon, gauntlets that can fire powerful arrows, a reinforced armor which is impervious to almost any attack, and the ability of hyper speed. He later gave this to Vekar.

Behind the Scenes


  • Mavro is portrayed by Mike Drew.
    • He sounds like a gruffer, angrier, and much less posh version of Mirloc from SPD as a result of this.


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  • His name is the Greek word for "Black" (μαύρο).



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