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"We have taken all we can from Alandria. The life forms have fled and the planet is useless to me. Destroy it. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
―Gruumm's very first words when destroying an innocent planet in the very first scene of S.P.D., as well as his first words spoken in the entire season overall.[src]

"No! (...) You'll pay for this, Cruger!"
―Emperor Gruumm's final words after being imprisoned in a containment card.[src]

Emperor Gruumm is an evil emperor and figurehead who serves as the de-jure leader of the Troobians, an alien empire whose ultimate goal is to conquer the universe with his supposedly unending army.

He is the primary antagonist for the majority of the series, becoming the secondary antagonist in the episode "Insomnia" when Omni reveals himself and remained the secondary villain up until his final scene where he was the sole remaining villain. He is Doggie Cruger's arch enemy.


Early Attacks[]


Gruumm conquered multiple planets over the years.

All that's known of his backstory is that he works for Omni, a malevolent disembodied brain that Gruumm fears and worships as "the Magnificence"/"Your Magnificence". Gruumm's main strategy was always to overwhelm and devastate a planet with constant, large-scale assaults and then drain the planet of its resources, his ship can even destroy a planet from orbit.


Gruumm loses his right horn.

Gruumm got the codes from the shields around the planet Sirius from Astronema so that he could deactivate them and attack the planet. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special

The Emperor then launched and attack on Sirius, despite the planet forming the very first Space Patrol Delta, the Sirians fell to Gruumm's army of Krybots that was led by General Benaag. During the battle Gruumm went to the battlefield himself and faced a Sirian called Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, while the two warriors fought Doggie managed to cut off his right horn, which angered Gruumm a lot. Gruumm later left Doggie to die and captured his wife Isinia Cruger (leaving Doggie to believe that she died on the battle) while the other Sirians were destroyed. Tvicon TV STORY-Dismissed

Gruumm over the years had conquered and slaughtered a large number of planets and inhabitants, with the Rangers once exaggerating to say he'd conquered everywhere but Earth. Tvicon TV STORY-Dismissed

Kat Manx later said that her own homeworld had also fallen to the Troobian Empire. Tvicon TV STORY-Power Rangers S.P.D. DVD features

Attacking Earth[]

Years later in 2025, Gruumm launched an assault on Earth where he realized that Doggie Cruger was the Commander of S.P.D. in that planet. His highly destructive tactics show life means little to him. It was initially unclear why he wasn't using such tactics to conquer Earth, except on rare occasions where he simply lost his temper and struck in force or attacked personally; in each case, he would have won if not for outside intervention (new weaponry for Cruger, the Omega Ranger, and Dino Thunder Rangers respectively). Tvicon TV STORY-MessengerTvicon TV STORY-DismissedTvicon TV STORY-History

It became clear later on that Gruumm had been working off a long term plan, intending not to leech and destroy Earth but instead to use its resources - which he looted over the course of the season - diamonds, gold, Iridium, and Hemotech Synthetic Plasma - to construct a body for Omni.

Emperor Gruumm had two aides, Mora/Morgana and Broodwing. He has a bitter hatred for Cruger, who cut off his right horn in the battle for Sirius. He is also the most powerful warrior among the Troobian empire, as proved in his victories over the B-Squad Rangers and Supreme Commander Fowler "Birdy". His main weapon is a axe-staff that can slice and shoot, and he also rides a motorcycle with lighting laser cannons. Gruumm has the ability to use telepathy and shapeshift into a selected human form. In battle, he has shown the ability to decimate the Rangers, defeat Commander Birdy and also harm Zeltrax, though Cruger has shown the ability to defeat him.


Gruumm Card

Gruumm is defeated and captured by Cruger.

Gruumm later captures Cruger with help from the renegade A-Squad and then later B-Squad with Piggy's help. As Omni's body begins to take shape, B-Squad and Cruger escape and Cruger confronts Gruumm after capturing Mora. Gruumm threatens the life of Cruger's long-lost wife Isinia to try to force Cruger to surrender, but is instead thrown into the lava at the heart of Omni and apparently killed. After Omni is destroyed by the S.W.A.T. Megazord, Gruumm emerges from the wreckage in front of SPD Headquarters amidst the celebrations to face Cruger one last time. Unmorphed, Cruger battles Gruumm who proves no match for Cruger. After Cruger smashes Gruumm's staff, Gruumm orders Cruger to show him no mercy. Instead of killing Gruumm, Cruger cuts off the top of his remaining horn and contains Gruumm, much to his fury. As Gruumm yells threats from his card, Cruger shows it to the assembled forces of S.P.D. and declares that "justice is served!" as everyone celebrates.

Power Rangers: Super Legends[]

Gruumm appears in the Nintendo DS version of Power Rangers: Super Legends as the main villain who has set his sights upon the myth of the Hall of Legends, the resting place of the collected energies of Power Rangers across time. In his twisted mind, he envisioned a world where his enemy's power is not only stolen, but used to make him a living god over all creation. In the console version of the same game, he is merely mentioned.


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Powers and Abilities[]

Emperor Grumm

Emperor Grumm-human transformation

Gruumm's human form

Emperor Gruumm's Human Disguise


  • Shape-Shifting: Gruumm can shift his form at will as shown when he turned into a random man to meet with Piggy in his bar during the Morgana Incident.
  • Telekinesis: Gruumm has extremely powerful telekinetic powers, being able to crush a Blue-Headed Krybot just by squeezing his hand.
  • Telepathy: Gruumm has a limited form of telepathy demonstrated at multiple points throughout the series, as seen when he spoke with Omni.
  • Lightning Beams: Emperor Gruumm is able to fire indigo lightning beams from his hands.
  • Brainwashing Immunity: Emperor Gruumm appears to be immune to Omni's brainwashing powder.


  • Strength: Emperor Gruumm is the face of the Troobian Empire and its second most powerful warrior (the first being Omni). He easily took down six Rangers with just his hands and staff and could block the Shadow Saber with his bare hands. During his penultimate battle against Cruger, he managed to keep a constant grip on Cruger's arm for as long as he wanted to.
  • Durability: Gruumm has survived constant wars and attempts on his life with his most impressive display being surviving the Z-Rex Blaster without having any reaction beyond just cringing in pain.
  • Expert Genius: Emperor Gruumm is one of the smarter villains, being able to devise a way to join Omni with the resources he stole to create his superior's Magnificence form.


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  • Axe Staff: Gruumm has a very big brown staff with an Axe like-head on both ends that he utilizes as a personal weapon and acts as his equivalent to the Shadow Saber.
    • Staff Beam: Gruumm can charge up his staff with red energy and fire purple or yellow energy beams from the tip powerful enough to take down six Rangers in one blast.
      • Fragoportation: Gruumm's staff beam can be used to create explosions that he can teleport through to escape battles. He did this to escape the battle with the Dino Thunder Rangers.
    • Tractor Beams: Gruumm can fire yellow lightning-like tractor beams from his staff powerful enough to wrap up and restrain his enemies. He used this in the first part of the two part finale.
    • Lightning Blast: Gruumm can power up his staff with orange energy to blue-purple lightning blasts from his staff.
    • Age changing: Gruumm can use his staff to age and deage Mora/Morgana.
  • Shield: In some occasions, Emperor Gruumm has a brown shield for defense.
  • Motorcycle: Gruumm also rides a powerful motorcycle that can fire light or dark red lasers.



  • Planetary genocide
  • Multiple (mass) murders
  • Multiple attempted murders
  • Multiple assaults
  • Multiple kidnappings
  • Terrorism
  • Grand larceny

Behind the Scenes[]



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  • In an interview, co-producer Greg Aronowitz clarified that "Gruumm has always been Omni's puppet... [Gruumm] has power, but he has issues and he has weakness, and Omni has taken advantage of that for as long as time can remember." [1]
  • In a May 2014 interview Greg Aronowitz has stated that Gruumm's original concept was intended to be a homage to Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent as a power hungry and deranged villain. The skull and partially exposed brain was due to Aronowitz's fondness for such things, as well as to show that Gruumm was hiding his true nature and was also both intelligent and had a weak point.
  • Gruumm has no Super Sentai counterpart, instead the main villain of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger is Rainian Agent Abrella, who is the counterpart of Broodwing.


Power Rangers Deck-Building Game[]

Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Emperor Gruum

Emperor Gruumm in Power Rangers Deck-Building Game.

Emperor Gruumm appears in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. He is available in the "S.P.D. To The Rescue Pack" expansion.

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game[]

Emporer Gruumm appears in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game as a Threat in the expansion "Across the Stars".

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