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Emma Lahana outside of Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Emma Lahana

Emma Kate Lahana (born 27th June 1984 in Auckland, New Zealand) is best known for her role as Kira Ford in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, Power Rangers: SPD and Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. Lahana also played the role of Beth in Seven Deadly Sins and had a recurring character on the TV series Hellcats.

Early Life

As a young girl Lahana loved music and dancing. Her first memories are of attempting to imitate performers she saw on television, from Michael Jackson to Judy Garland. She began ballet lessons when she was only 3 years old. At the age of 5 the family traveled to a number of different Pacific Islands.

Lahana has explored many other art forms, including violin, acting, musical theater and dance.She played Erin Kingston, a supporting role on New Zealand TV drama Shortland Street and also appeared on Street Legal. She also portrayed the role of Fiona in Disney's You Wish!. In summer 2003, Emma landed the role of Kira Ford, the Yellow Power Ranger on Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. She plays a pretty, music loving, tomboyish character who becomes a courageous Power Ranger.




Year Portraying

Dear Mr. Gacy

2009 Alyssa
Bring it on Cinco 2009 Lara
Polar Storm 2009 (TV) Zoe
Slap Shot 3: The Junior League 2008 Shayne Parker
Alien Agent 2007 (TV) Julie
You Wish! 2003 (TV) Fiona


1994 (TV)

Neighbourhood Girl #1

2012: Big Time Movie - Penny Lane


Television program Year Portraying
Marvel's Cloak and Dagger 2018 Detective Brigid O'Reily/Mayhem
Hellcats 2010 TV Series Charlotte Monroe (Cyclones Captain)
Psych 2009 TV Series Waitress
The L Word 2008 TV Series Missy P
Stargate Atlantis 2008 TV Series Ava Dixon
Supernatural 2007 TV Series Jen, Co-Ed (uncredited)
Kyle XY 2007 TV Series Girl
Nobody (Pilot) 2007 Kara
Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive 2007 TV Series Kira Ford/Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
Power Rangers: SPD 2005 TV Series Kira Ford/Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
Before it Began 2004 Special Kira Ford
Return of the Ranger 2004 Special Kira Ford (archive footage)
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder 2004 TV Series Kira Ford/Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
Shortland Street 2000 - 2001 Erin Kingston



Emma (Hellcats)

Lahana had originally auditioned for the role of Tori Hanson, the Blue Wind Ranger, in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, which she lost, before winning her role in Dino Thunder. Ironically, she would co-star with Sally Martin, who won the Blue Ranger part, in the team-up episode Thunder Storm and in the Once A Ranger anniversary episode in Operation Overdrive.

Lahana dated S.P.D's Red Ranger actor Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack Landors), but they broke up after a while. As a result, McLaren turned down the offer to reprise his role for Once A Ranger because Lahana was reprising her role.

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