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The Emissaries Three are a trio of enigmatic entities who represent the Morphin Masters. Adopting the appearance of Power Rangers respectively colored Red, Blue and Yellow, they were not shown to have distinct forms but instead shifted through the forms of various Rangers throughout history.

Team History

Blue Emissary formed the Omega Rangers and was killed by the Blue Omega Ranger.



  • The color scheme of the Emissaries Three acknowledges the primary colors that have appeared throughout Power Rangers series: Red and Blue, which have appeared in every series, and Yellow, which has appeared in the vast majority of series barring Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • Their ability to shift through the forms of various Rangers brings to mind AkaRed, a unique Ranger who features in Super Sentai anniversary productions as the embodiment of the Sentai Red Ranger spirit, the only difference being AkaRed possessing a unique form/appearance of his own as well.
  • It appears that the Blue and Yellow Emissaries can change their gender depending on the Ranger form they take, and can possibly change the gender of the Ranger form they are in, as the Yellow Emissary can change into a male Yellow Zeo Ranger.
  • The five Yellow Rangers that the Yellow Emissaries can change into were actually male in the five post-Jetman series.
  • The first story variant cover of Necessary Evil in Issue 40 reveals they are not human, as they refer to humans as "mortals", implying they are some kind of higher form of beings.
    • Issue 41's main story reveals that they are from or exist in the fourth dimension and percieve time in a non-linear fashion, sometimes drifting in thought as a result of seeing parts of time in a disjointed manner. This makes communicating with them a bit of a hassle to those who percieve linear time as the Emissaries can sometimes drift out of a conversation or "talk in circles".

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