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The Emissaries Three are a trio of enigmatic entities who represent the Morphin Masters. Adopting the appearance of Power Rangers respectively colored Red, Blue and Yellow, they were not shown to have distinct forms but instead shifted through the forms of various Rangers throughout history.

Team History

The Blue Emissary is one of the three Ranger Emissaries to the Morphin’ Masters that later becomes the mentor to the Omega Rangers.

The Blue Emissary formed the Omega Rangers but after he told the Blue Omega Ranger he gave Tommy Oliver the White Light, she kills him and vows to destroy every Power Ranger. Shortly thereafter, the Red Emissary was torn in half by an unidentified entity, killing them. His remains were recovered by the three Omega Rangers and reconstructed by XI. The Rangers then set a course to the Empyreal's location to find the missing piece. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 4



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