This article is about a/an character in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

For the Samurai Ranger, see Emily.

Emily was an employee at Ernie's outdoor beach-themed bar in Power Rangers Zeo. She was originally part of a biker gang trying to stop Ernie from opening a beach restaurant. Jason was immediately smitten with her.

Some time later, the two had a talk, and the Gold Ranger discovered that she came from another city. Once in Angel Grove, she suffered a "New girl in town" syndrome, and the bikers were the only ones to accept her. Jason pushed her in talking with them about the restaurant. She does so, and is hired as a waitress in the place, apparently starting a romantic relationship with Jason.

Emily has not been seen after Glyph Hanger, in Turbo and the 215th episode, but she is mentioned for the last time in Cars Attacks and still working at the Juice Bar at the time. Her current whereabouts and relationship with Jason are unknown.


  • Her necklace was used by Louie Kaboom to create a monster, something not usually done by the members of the Machine Empire, but rather from Lord Zedd (it should be noted that Louie was originally his invention).
  • Given the facts that she was not seen after the finale of the Zeo season and that Jason was with Kimberly during the Turbo Movie, many fans speculated that their relationship didn't last.
  • Despite this pairing being the only one official for Jason, it is not very popular in the fandom.
  • Possibly knew Jason was the Gold Ranger, due to him knowing her name.
  • She shared the same name with Emily of Power Rangers: Samurai, coincidentally, they are both blondes.
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