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Emiko is a girl who befriends the Zyuranger and Apelo Tribe Prince Euro

Character History

Emiko encounters Euro, as well as his servants Baron Clockle & Daisy, as they crash into her house when trying to reach the Zyuranger to help them obtain the last dinosaur eggs in existence. However in the midst of chaos where the Zyuranger and an army of Bandora's golems arrive in the house, Emiko is abducted by Dora Cockatrice to use as a hostage for gaining the dinosaur eggs. In the midst of the crisis, the girl befriends Euro before the duo are ultimately rescued by the Zyuranger, Clockle and Daisy.

Emiko accompanies the group to Daros Island to help Euro with his mission, but she ends up being a problem once again, this time when a revived Dora Cockatrice manipulates Euro to allow for Bandora to get her hands on the dinosaur eggs; luckily the chaos regarding the eggs release ends up making them fall into the sea. After regaining the forgiveness of their Gods, Euro is forced to depart Emiko but not before granting her a wish of being a princess just to be with him.


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Behind the Scenes

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