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Emi Nishizaki (西崎エミ Nishizaki Emi) was a little girl whom Bunta Daichi encounters while on patrol, notable due to possessing a similar doll to that of his deceased sister Nami. Bunta briefly bonds with her before she boards a plane with her parents. However unknowing to anyone, Emi's doll possessed a tracking device connected with CRIME's new laser, with the laser homing in on the device and shooting the plane down, killing all on it including Emi. Bunta becomes saddened and angered due to the death of the girl and the similarity to the death of his younger sister Nami, using it to ultimately find the device and assisting in tracking and destroying the laser device with the help of Gorou and Sky Ace to find peace for Emi and the other victims of the crash.

Behind the scenes


Emi Nishizaki was portrayed by Takako Ishikawa (石川 貴子 Ishikawa Takako).


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