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Eltar is Zordon's home planet, originally mentioned by Lord Zedd in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (though non-canon to the television series) and seen in the beginning of Power Rangers Turbo.


Eltar is inhabited by Eltarians, a race of humanoids with blue skin & bald heads equipped with advanced technology. They have spent centuries in efforts of defending the peace of the galaxy. According to the Boom! comics, the planet has had at least three civil wars in its history and an elite superpowered peacekeeping force that in some ways acted as a precursor to the Power Rangers.

Like Earth, Eltar's atmosphere is breathable to most species, including humans and Rafkonians. Native Eltarian architecture seen in establishing shots resembles human architecture of classical antiquity, with obelisks and the ruins of some Doric-style columns. The planet is known to have oceans, cities, and mountainous expanses.

After the wizard Lerigot released him from the inter-dimensional time-warp that Rita Repulsa put him in long ago, Zordon returned to Eltar with Alpha 5 to reunite with his relatives while Dimitria of Inquiris continued to mentor the Turbo Rangers in his stead. The Phantom Ranger was initially said to be of Eltarian origin, though it was revealed in Power Rangers Universe that he is originally from Planet 0117. The Robot Rangers are also from Eltar, built by Zordon & Alpha 5 as an experiment to develop perfect android likenesses of the Turbo Rangers.

In the final episodes of Turbo, word reaches the Rangers that war has broken out on Eltar and that Zordon and Alpha 5 are under attack. Dimitria leaves for Eltar with the Blue Senturion to try and help, but their efforts ultimately fail and the planet falls under the rule of Dark Specter and his United Alliance of Evil. They then shut down the Turbo Rangers' powers.

With the death of Dark Specter and the defeat of all his forces in the aftermath of Zordon's sacrifice (though Alpha 5's whereabouts are unknown), Eltar is believed to once again be free from the clutches of evil. Following its liberation, the Turbo Powers were reactivated. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Cosmo Royale mentioned on his blog that he was wrapped in the finest Eltarian silk until his blog was destroyed by Galvanax. This means that the Eltarians (at least some of them) work in a textile industry.Tvicon TV STORY-The Adventures of Redbot

Upon his return, Lord Zedd conquers the entire planet Eltar. He sadistically wishes Zordon was still alive to see Zedd destroying his people. Zedd also installs a base and throne there for himself, where he keeps two essential relics: the Dinohenge Triceratops Statue, which allows him to maintain the mind control on his enforcer, the Evil Blue Ranger, and the Master Captivator, a swirling energy container imprisoning the nigh-omnipotent Morphin Masters.Tvicon TV STORY-Team Work

Upon Lord Zedd's defeat, it is presumed that Eltar's rightful governing body or bodies were reinstated.

In the year 3016, Jack Thomas had a small statue of an Eltarian Grandmaster on the desk in his office. Tvicon TV STORY-Director Ransik

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Power Rangers Roleplaying Game[]

Eltar appears in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game as a location in the "Across the Stars" expansion.