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"That gem belongs to my Master."


Elsa is the tertiary antagonist later turned anti-heroine of Power Rangers Dino Thunder who serves Mesogog in his dream to revert the world back to the age of dinosaurs. To this end, she masquerades as Principal Randall, the principal of Reefside High.


At some point in her life, Elsa was a normal human who was kidnapped and empowered by Mesogog to serve him.

For much of the early part of the series, she pretended to be Principal Randall, the head of the high school in Reefside, California where the Dino Thunder Power Rangers go to school (or, in the case of Tommy Oliver, work). Mesogog put her there to spy on the Rangers without fear of getting caught, but she had fun while she was there by making the high school experience as miserable as possible for the students. Principal Randall is a little suspicious of why Dr. Oliver is working as a science teacher at Reefside. She enjoys prowling the grounds and looking for students to send to detention, similar to Mr. Caplan's running gag of putting Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch in detention, and at one time the original Rangers. Meanwhile, she tries to use her secret identity to complete her true mission for Mesogog.

Despite the fact that Kira mentioned in the second episode that Elsa looked "familiar," it was not until late in the season, when the entire school watched Randall and Tommy fighting that Ethan (being the brains of the Ranger team) concluded that she was Elsa. The other Rangers pitied themselves for not noticing it until Ethan cheered them up by comparing Elsa to Superman.

She gave the Rangers a hard time on their first day of classes.

She tried to get close to Dr. Oliver in order to find a way to defeat him for Mesogog. She tried to trick the Rangers with a false Dino Egg and unleashed the DimetroZord on the city. The Rangers were able to reprogram the Zord to their side.

During the second half of the series, Elsa gave herself a new look with longer hair as Zeltrax had noticed.

When Zeltrax left Mesogog's forces, Elsa became his main general. She continued to come up with evil plans to take down the Rangers. Mesogog began to grow weary of her constant failures.

When Elsa had taken a card of a powerful monster named "Ruby Dragon" from Ethan James (Blue Ranger), she was exposed as the evil servant to Tommy, and to the entire school while fighting him outside of school. Before getting away, Elsa has the Rangers inform the school board that Principal Randall has resigned.

Elsa after turning good.

Mesogog then decided to sacrifice the evil powers which he had granted to Elsa in order to help power his trans-mutation cannon. With that, she was reverted to a normal human form, with no memory of who she was as Elsa by the life-force extractor. The loss of her powers also meant she was good again. After that she helped the Rangers by telling them all about Mesogog and his plans which helped them in succeeding in Trent's plan (White Ranger). Although she was then captured by Zeltrax because he wanted a hostage for his plan. However, Tommy and Kira saved her from Zeltrax and destroyed him. After that, she went to the 2004 prom in Reefside High and danced with Anton Mercer. Following her redemption, she eventually became principal again.


Elsa is loyal and will do anything to please her master. She loves to insult and torment her enemies, including Zeltrax, and seemed to be romantically interested in Tommy.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Whilst nowhere near as strong as Mesogog and Zeltrax, she still has incredible strength since she is an enhanced human. When fighting Tommy over the Dino Eggs, she was able to hold him in place (albeit very briefly) and, when fighting Conner in Reefside after they rescued Tommy, she was able to keep Conner in a sabre lock.
  • Endurance: Elsa took a full force kick from Conner on his Dino Cycle but only stumbled back and later, whilst she and Zeltrax fought Conner, a kick to her back sent her sprawling but did not hurt or disable her.
  • Master Swordswoman: Elsa is an expert with her sword, although not as good as Zeltrax. She can easily beat Conner in a duel, as shown during the battle in the episode "Back in Black", but is outmatched by both Tommy and Trent.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Elsa is almost unequal with her martial arts ability. She can easily overpower the main three Dino Rangers and is even with Tommy's fighting skill, but is outmatched by Trent.
  • Agility: To match her martial arts skills, Elsa is extremely agile. When she dove at Conner on his Raptor Cycle, he threw up his end and she rolled under it.


  • Elsa's Sword

    Sword: Elsa has a sword to aid her in combat. Being slashed into a console, whilst slashing at Conner in the Island Fortress, did it no damage.
    • Energy Projection: Elsa can fire streams of blue energy from her sword.
      • Triple Energy Blast: Elsa can fire three red energy streams from her sword which can cause massive explosions. She it to try and stop the Rangers from entering the portal to rescue Tommy on the Island Fortress.



  • When Elsa's double identity is found out by the Rangers, they compare it to the Superman/Clark Kent situation where only a pair of glasses is what's disguising someone's identity.
  • Elsa's sword is actually the sword weapon used by Destruction Messenger Jannu, whose costume wasn't used
    • However, Jannu's footage in the Armor of Darkness did got used for Zeltrax.


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