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""You'll never find him! I don't care what you do to me!""
―Elizabeth's last words before being spitefully killed by Viktor Adler.[src]

Elizabeth Evans was the wife of Richard Evans and the mother of Cole Evans.


In 1981, Elizabeth gave birth to their son, Cole. Together with their colleague, Dr. Viktor Adler, the Evans took their infant son Cole with them on an expedition to the Amazon to find evidence of the Animarium. Viktor Adler, who had feelings for Elizabeth, was hurt by her marriage to Richard and subsequent pregnancy, believing she and the group's success to be rightfully his. The trio of scientists found seeds which were the remnants of the original Master Org.

Cole Evans' parents graves

Viktor saw this as a way to gain power to get revenge on Richard and Elizabeth and ate the seeds, becoming the new Master Org. As he hunted down the couple, Elizabeth hid Cole in the wilderness, leaving him a picture of his family and the Red Lion crystal. Viktor eventually caught them and murdered them in cold blood. Elizabeth was the last of the two to die, telling Adler he would never get to Cole before she was choked to death by his vines. However, he did not find Cole.


Cole was found by a tribe of natives (made up of the descendants of the original inhabitants of the kingdom of Animaria) who raised him as their own. He eventually joined the Wild Force Rangers and would eventually avenge the death of his parents when he and 100 Wildzords killed Master Org once-and-for all.


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  • Richard and Elizabeth are the only two characters to be outright murdered in the Power Rangers franchise (not counting Kendrix since that was a willing self-sacrifice).