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"I am Elestomp! What do you want me to smash?"
―Elestomp's first line.[src]

Elestomp is the strong elephant demon created by Loki. He serves as one of the two minor villains of the episode "Wheels of Destruction".


Elestomp is an strong elephant themed monster, that was created by Loki to destroy Mariner Bay and the Lightspeed Rangers. Elestomp attacked the city. He sent shock waves through the ground to destroy the city. When the Rangers came they tried to battled Elestomp, but they were out matched. He charged through the rangers with full force. Elestomp was finally destroyed with a single shot of the Rescuebird. Wheels of Destruction


Elestomp was a arrogant, confident and boastful monster that loves to wrack havoc on Mariner Bay. He underestimated the rangers and it caused his defeat. However he is very faithful to the Diabolico.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Elestomp is one of the strongest monsters, powerful enough to charge through five of the Lightspeed Rangers with ease.
  • Shock-Waves: By stomping his feet into the ground, Elestomp can cause massive shock-waves.
  • Trunk Spelunker: By pushing his trunk nose straight through the ground, he can cause a large fire pillar to erupted from the ground.
  • Eye Lasers: From his eyes, Elestomp can fire green energy lasers.


  • Tusks: Being an elephant-type monster, he can use his tusks to ram his enemies with.

Behind The Scenes



  • Elestomp's name comes from the words Elephant and Stomp.
  • His motiff is based off a Elephant.

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