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Character History

This Nezire possessed superhuman strength, ideal for his mission to knock over an energy system tower in an act of terrorism, resulting with the building's generator undergoing a meltdown that would destroy the city. With Miku Imamura in the tower, MegaBlack and MegaBlue had to deal with Elephant Nezire while MegaRed and Chisato Jougasaki used the DigiTank to get her and Shintaro out of the building before taking the cooling the energy rods to stop the meltdown. By then, Elephant Nezire was enlarged by Bibidebi and tore the tower down as the DigiTank escaped. With MegaPink, the MegaRangers formed the Galaxy Mega and defeated the Nezire with swift punches before killing him with Galaxy Mega's Mega Flying Cutter attack.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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