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Elena is the daughter of the Headmaster of the magic school Yakumo attends. She initially looked at herself as Yakumo's future fiancée and came to Japan by herself just to see Yakumo.

Character History

Back in England, Elena promised Yakumo to marry him in form of a greeting card once he becomes a proper magician.

Elena arrives in Japan to visit Yakumo and his so-called "magic" Sentai (of which he is the leader) after his months-long absence to train to become the next Last Ninja. Yakumo takes her to the Igasaki Ninjutsu Dojo where he quickly casts a spell to summon a magician's study decor, much to the rest of his team's shock. Initially unimpressed at Yakumo's teammates, she changes her mind when they demonstrate "fire magic". Yakumo quickly takes her out for shopping before Kinji demonstrates a ninjutsu technique after his return from the previous episode. On the way back from their shopping trip, she encounters wedding ceremony where she hopes to have one soon. They rest for a while where she starts to suspect something when she finds Yakumo's ninja magazine and Gama Gama Gun activated. She follows the Ninningers to Yokai Amikiri, forcing him to set them up an impromptu appearance as Magic Sentai Magimagiger. Hiccups at their initial strike force them to openly use ninjutsu, confirming her suspicions that Yakumo is a ninja. Just as she realizes the lie, Yokai Amikiri captures her and Masakage Tsugomori tells the Yakumo to meet at Tsukimi Pass to retrieve her in exchange for the Transformation Nin Shurikens

The following day, Elena successfully gets rescued thanks to Yakumo disguising his team as good luck accessories and attacking all-out. Tsubasa Ozu suddenly appears behind her, having tracked her down. They see Yakumo perform a combined ninjutsu and magic attack as a finishing move on Yokai Amikiri. After the fight, Yakumo shows her the card she gave him but she reveals that she had already found a boyfriend by now. Before she departs back to England on MagiYellow's Sky Hoki, however, she pecks Yakumo in the cheek.

Powers and Abilities

Magic Expertise

As a student of a unnamed wizarding school in England (being its headmaster's daughter), she has shown several skills of magic. Yakumo notes that in his case, magic wears off over time meaning that they are only temporary and this probably applies to Elena's magic as well.Shinobi 28: Race to It! The Kibaoni Ninja Squad
Reena ni kuruka (レーナニ・クルカ)
Makes the target buoyant in the air.Shinobi 38: The Witch Girl Loves Yakumo?
Reena ni Tooha (レーナニ・トーハ)
Exact usage unknown; creates heart-shaped cake decorations on Yakumo's cheesecake.Shinobi 38: The Witch Girl Loves Yakumo?


  • The way she casts her magic, by speaking the words backwards, is similar to the DC superheroine Zatanna.
  • Elena makes a blurry-appearing (due to making the scene she briefly appeared in look like an illusion) brief appearance in Monster Mix-Up the special halloween episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.


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