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""My name is Elekinta. Thank you for unlocking me. You managed to exceed the speed barrier. You are a true warrior and deserve to be given the true power of lightning.""
―Elekinta's first words upon arriving and telling Zelmoda what he had won for his efforts.[src]
""I'm not done yet!""
―Elekinta before absorbing his and Zelmoda's bikes to grow and his final words before his death.[src]

Elekinta (エレキンタ, Erekinta) (14): A legendary electrial space biker who was accidentally summoned by Deputy Leader Zelmoda in his attempt to break the speed limit to gain an unstoppable power while assisted by a fuel booster Minoru Uesugi sold him. He appeared and granted him the power of lightning before teaming up with him against the Carrangers for sport. Unknowing of the summoning ritual (believing that the power was merely going to turn Zemolda into a super-warrior), the initial attempt summoned lightning from the heaven, which proved to be feared by both Zemolda and Green Racer. However after completing the ritual by overcoming his electric fear, Zemolda ended up summoning Elekinta as this "legendary power". Minoru ultimately stops both Elektina and Zemolda after eating grilled unagi (electric eel), supercharging him to the point of breaking his fear. Though he was able to grow large using the electric current of both bikes, he was killed by RV Robo's Reckless Dash Cut & Sirender's Siren Vulcan.

Modus and arsenal

His ability allows for him to utilize electricity for strong damage, as well as upgrade the electrical bicycle that summoned him into an opposite charge for powerful duel attacks.


concept art


  • Elekinta is the only monster in Gekisou Sentai Carranger to not have two capitalised peters at the start of his name.
    • This is because Elekinta is an entirely different entity and not part of the Gorotsuki.
  • Elekinta is the only monster in Carranger to grow gigant in ways other than eating Imo-youkan. He grew when he absorbed his and Zelmoda's bike.

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