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The Eleki Clan Zontark (エレ機族ゾンターク Erekizoku Zontāku) is a new machine clan following the Banki Clan Gaiark.


Noizoon created Grayzky from the scrapped electronic gadgets with the help of the Gaiark, until they decide to betray them and eventually took over the human world and they assume their human forms. The Zontark also created their Nova future chips to distribute to the humans, which is actually to brainwash humans in order for them to turn against Go-ongers.

After Noizoon, despite not being enlarged, was destroyed by Engine-Oh G7, the tower was also vanished, resulting to disintegrating the Nova chips from the humans, freeing from Zontark's control.



SIP was the Special Police force established in Human World by Noizoon in the guise of Minister "Shinichiro Noizumi". Consisting of human officers controlled by the N-Chips, they are led by Grayzky as "Torao Kurei".

Behind the scenes

The Eleki Clan Zontark serves as the evil organization in the 2018 film Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix, based on the 32nd Super Sentai Series entry Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008-09).



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