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Electrovolt is an electrical monster, used by Divatox in the fourteenth episode. He is an old friend of Elgar and serves as the primary antagonist of the episode A Drive to Win.

Character History


Electrovolt was an alien criminal and old friend of Elgar. He was summoned by Divatox to destroy the Turbo Rangers. Porto claimed he has a powerful electropower. He and Elgar together arrived to Earth to destroy the Power Rangers. Together they fought the rangers and Blue Senturion and lured them into the circle electrofield, bjt Adam freed them and fought Electrovolt and knocked out him. Blue Centurion decided to finish the villain and destroyed Electrovolt with his Robo Racer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Drive to Win

He seemed to be an old friend of Elgar's, gifting the latter his own new motorcycle as part of their plan.


Electrovolt was a cunning, destructive and thrill seeking monster, who will not stop to destroy the Power Rangers. He was cunning and intelligent with his plan to destroy the rangers with his circle electrofield. But he is also arrogant and confident and it caused his downfall. But he is also loyal to Divatox and was shown to be good friends to Elgar.

Powers and Abilities


  • Electrokinesis: Electrovolt's wrenches give him the power to generate and control electricity.
  • Bicycle Summoning: Electrovolt can summon an electrical bicycle as seen when he provided Elgar with one.


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  • Electrofield: Electrovolt can create a powerful electrofield to trap his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Electrovolt is the only monster used by Divatox to grow without the aid of the torpedoes. He grew by reabsorbing his and Elgar's bikes.
    • It is impossible to tell if Shrinkasect made himself grow, if the torpedoes made him grow as well as the Rangers, or if a second pair of torpedoes were fired.


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