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"I'm hungry. So what's for dinner?"
―Electropede's first words[src]

Electropede is a centipede-themed mutant, who can control and absorb electricity. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Uniquely Trip".


Like all other mutants, Electropede was created in the result of a chemical accident. Electropede was incredibly greedy and selfish mutant. This mutant was very hungry for electric power, having a powerful appetite that he wanted to be sated. He loved to absorb energy to make himself more powerful. Before the events of the season, he was captured by Time Force Rangers and frozen in the Cryo-Prison. In the eleventh episode, Electropede was released by Frax to attack the city. Electropede attacked Silver Hills and started to absorb electricity from an energy station. Then he encountered the Power Rangers. Electropede could breathe with poison gas and shoot with electric blasts from his claws. When he first fought the Rangers, he absorbed the energy from their blasters, making them helpless against him. The Rangers couldn't defeat him because of his shell and his energy field. The Rangers's weapons were useless against the wicked mutant, because he could absorb any form of energy. Only Trip recognized his weakness. In the second battle, the Rangers eventually defeated Electropede with the aid of Trip's newest weapon, the Electro Booster. A blast on inverse mode completely drained Electropede of his power. But, just as the Rangers orders Electropede to surrender quietly, Frax appeared and fired at his DNA patch, enlarging him. In the giant battle, Electropede tried to battle with Megazords, using his energy impulses. But he was finally defeated and frozen by the Shadow Force Megazord. Uniquely Trip

In the twelfth episode Jen showed the rangers an archive footage of their battle with Electropede to show the team their mistakes in the fight. Worlds Apart

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Shoulder.



Like many other Mutants, Electropede is greedy, selfish and nasty. But he is more perverse than others. He is destructive, snobbish, mean, perverse, harmful, careless, psychopathic, enjoys absorbing energy and causing fear and destruction. He is actually a coward, fears to be captured by the Rangers. He lacks intellect, use only his powers and is helpless against intelligent people like Trip and the other Rangers. He didn't even remove his chain to enlarge, which means he is an unintelligent and primitive jerk.

Powers And Abilities

  • Energy Consumption: Electropede can eat electricity and use it.
  • Electric Blasts: Electropede can shoot red-orange electric blasts from his claws.
  • Energy Field: Electropede can create a powerful energy field, which can stand against the Rangers' blasts.
  • Energy Absorption: Electropede was able to absorb energy from the Rangers' Chrono Blasters.
  • Lightning Generation: Electropede can generate blue lightning from his body to shock his opponents when they touch him.
  • Electroportation: Electropede can teleport by turning into blue electricity.
  • Poison Breath: Electropede can breathe out a smelly poison as a gas.
  • Enlarging: Like all other mutants, Electropede can enlarge himself, using the chain of his DNA.


  • Claws: Lacking weapons, Electropede has clawed hands to use in battle.

Behind The Scenes



  • Electropede is the first mutant who was enlarged not by himself, but rather by someone else.

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