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Electric Mask

Electricity Mask.

Electricity Mask (エレキ仮面 Ereki Kamen) is the second of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Electricity Mask was part of a scheme by Magman to find the Gorengers' base, sneaking onto an EAGLE truck to allow for a pinpoint location that the general can attack the Gorengers from his Navarone base. In order to further define where the Gorengers are, he likewise invades and attack buildings near the area where the Gorenger base is, such as Snack Gon. After the capture of Yoko Katou, the Gorengers find the current location of Navaronne and begin an invasion which Electricity Mask is sent to stop. After combat, the team uses Gorenger Hurricane to become an electric range with a teakettle, exploding after it boils the water in the kettle. Ep. 44: Blue Multi-Purpose Tank! Varitank Launches


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Modus and Arsenal

Electricity Mask's hands possess the means to create an electric current, creating an "Electric Shock" when both touch an object which can also flash and affect the eyes of those effected. He also possesses a staff for combat that emits explosive flashes.



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Behind the Scenes

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