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Electric Eel (エレキウナギ Erekiunagi, 37) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining an electric generator and an eel

Character History

Electric Eel was initially created merely to fight the Dynaman but it ends up instead initially facing the revived General Zenobia, who emerges from within the Millennium Cave she was sealed in and crushes the forces with ease. With the permission of Emperor Aton to control it, she gives it greater power to create more destructive energy discharges (one being powerful enough to even destroy the Kendo Robo at the Yumeno lab), while removing one of its eyes to become a secret spy camera to assist in trying to find the Dynaman base. When it spots Hokuto Dan with the children of the Yumeno Lab, Electric Eel's eye follows one of the girls back to the lab when she forgot something, allowing for Zenobia to attack it and nearly blow the team's cover until Dr. Yumeno ejects her and the Mechavolution Beast out before they could reach Dyna Station. The Dynaman face the Mechavolution Beast (now with all eight eyes again), launching multiple attacks against it before destroying it wtih New Super Dynamite. After Kar revives it with Big Bang Beam, the Dynaman use DynaRobo's Fire Dragon to stun it before destroying it with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Electric Eel can control a massive amount of electricity which it discharges for attacks from the back. It later becomes upgraded by General Zenobia both to allow for further energy absorption and emission as well as the transformation of one of its eyes into a secret camera to allow for her to discover secrets such as the Dynaman's secret base. It can also use its eyes as probes.


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Behind the Scenes

  • While a creation of General Kar, there is an actual creature known as an Electric eel
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