This article is about a/an Evil character in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
"Excuse me. I'm donating these priceless items to the school."
―Elderly Woman[src]

This unamed Elderly Woman is a character who makes a minor appearance in the Power Rangers Ninja Steel Halloween special episode "Grave Robber".


This unnamed elderly woman arrived at Summer Cove High School to give the school a board game amongst other stuff. The board game "Grave Robber" is what the Ninja Steel Rangers play where it was secretly created by Cosmo Royale. Grave Robber


Not much is known about this woman, other than she's most likely not human, but a monster in disguise.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: This unamed woman can teleport to any location at will.

Behind the scenes


  • This unamed woman is portrayed by Margaret Blay.


  • It was never revealed if the elderly woman was a disguise of someone that worked for Galvanax or was just a regular character wondering around not knowing that the box she had was from Cosmo Royale.
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