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The Elder of the Ryusoul Tribe (リュウソウ族の長老 Ryūsō-zoku no Chōrō)[1] is a mentor figure to the Ryusoulgers. After the Ryusoul Tribe's village was destroyed by a Minosaur, he starts his own career by owning a kebab stall and later the Cafe Que Bom in the human world.

After the defeat of Eras, the Elder returns to the village. When Koh came to visit him, he remarked that he had tried to expand his business by opening a few fitness clubs, although that plan ultimately failed.

Powers and Abilities

Ryusoul Tribesman Physiology
As a member of Ryusoul tribes, he possessed these following abilities:
Ryusoul tribespeople age very slowly and can live for hundred years.

Behind the scenes



  • Though initially appearing with facial hair in most of his appearances, when he appears again in the final episode, he is clean shaven.


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