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Egg of Lemuria

The Egg of Lemuria (レムリアの卵 Remuria no Tamago) is a golden object constructed like an egg, which opens up with hatches at the top end. According to legend, whomever controls both the egg and sword of Lemuria controls the world just as the ancient civilization had. The egg is initially discovered by Creator King Ryuuwon, who had hoped to use it to finally show his power and domination in connection with an insatiable obsession with the powers of Lemuria. Although giving it to two Jaryuu to protect, one of them accidentally opens it, releasing the mythical beast within and leading to the minions dropping it as the creature is defeated by Satoru Akashi and the Golden Sword. Arch Priest Gajah ultimately finds the egg himself and reveals the truth regarding it's construction: it was in actuality a vault of genetic material allowing for the infinite creation of mythical beasts as long as it remains operational. The Gordom leader creates another, yet infuses it with a Gordom Engine transforming it into his Modified Mythical Beast Gordorum. After defeating the new mythical beast/Gordom hybrid with the Golden Sword's true form of Great Sword Man Zubaan, the Boukenger claim the egg. Task 29: The Golden Sword Task 30: The Rage of the Golden Majin

After too many failures and with a body starting to fail him due to over-exertion, Ryuuwon once again decides to make a final move to obtain the Egg of Lemuria; this time believing that by entering into the Precious, he would cast off the remains of his humanity completely, becoming a pure dragon. After appearing to "die", his helmet is taken to the SGS Precious Bank, where Ryuuwon had hoped to find the egg; but Akashi faces him instead in a final showdown, preventing him from reclaiming it before he turns completely back into a human and is killed by the S.G.S. themselves as they blow up their own bank to prevent the Precious within from ever being used again. Task 47: The Box of Despair

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