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Edge of Extinction is the 19th episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and the second part of the three-part series finale.


The Rangers find themselves needing help in their toughest fight yet as they do battle with Snide one final time, and Sledge's eggs hatch across the four corners of the Earth.


The Rangers find a Greenzilla Egg in Amber Beach and bring it to the base. Snide helps Sledge prepare for his wedding and hears him plotting against him.

At the Dino Bite Café, the Rangers give Heckyl his food. Heckyl talks to the Rangers and warns them. As the Rangers overview what Heckyl said, the eggs hatch in Tokyo, London, China, New York, and Hawaii. The egg inside the base is about to hatch, but Shelby, Tyler, and Chase blast it with their Morphers, killing it. The Ten Rangers morph at once, and they head out to battle the Greenzillas with all five Megazords. Kendall stays in the base to overview the battles around the globe.

Tyler takes the Spino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy formation, Shelby and Koda take the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego formation. Chase, Ivan and Riley take the Ptera Charge Megazord Para-Raptor formation, Aqua and Graphite take the Plesio Charge Megazord and Silver takes the Titano Charge Megazord. Tyler uses the Dino Super Drive Saber on the other Rangers. Heckyl has fun by doing daring stunts. Tyler uses the Dino Super Drive Saber to defeat his Greenzilla.

Sledge marries Poisandra, and she falls in the cake. Snide steals the Dark Energem. The other Rangers struggle fighting against the Greenzillas and Heckyl watches them.

Heckyl helps a girl find her mom and then he watches a transport pod land in Amber Beach.

Koda and Shelby activate the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo formation and the Greenzilla is defeated. Tyler and the Spino Zord help Chase, Ivan and Riley. They form the Spino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor formation and defeat the Greenzilla. Graphite and Aqua form the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-formation and defeat Greenzilla. Zenowing is given the auxiliary chargers and destroys his Greenzilla. 

Snide enters the museum and starts destroying it as well as the base. Snide enters the base. Snide destroys the crystal pods. Kendall fights against him, but Snide is too strong with the Dark Energem. Heckyl attacks Snide and he retreats. Heckyl and Kendall run after Snide, but Shelby and Koda knock him over with the Dino Cycle. Snide is too powerful for the Rangers. Silver, Aqua and Graphite arrive. Black, Gold, Red and Green arrive with the Dino Charge Ultrazord. Snide requests that the Magna Beam be fired, but Sledge refuses to do so, telling Wrench to let the Rangers destroy him. Silver, Blue, Graphite, Heckyl, Pink, Purple and Aqua prepare a blast attack, while the others prepare the Titano Cannon and Snide is destroyed. Sledge and Poisandra marry, but discover that the Dark Energem was taken by Snide. The Dark Energem survived and the Rangers thank Heckyl & he joins the Dino Charge Rangers, but they discover that Fury is in the base.


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  • During the shot of the Rangers summoning their Zords, a shot of James and Phillip is shown twice at the same time which replaced the shot of Chase, Ivan and Riley.
  • When Heckyl sky dives, he is wearing gloves and a suit top, but when the camera angle changes, he is topless.
  • There was a quick clip of the Dino Charge Megazord Tri Stego Formation fighting Greenzilla in the daytime when most of it was being fought at night.
  • Despite supposedly having fired the Titano Cannon, space issues forced producers to have the Ultrazord fire the ultra plasma blast from its chestplate.
  • When the Rangers throw the Auxiliary Dino Chargers to the Titano Charge Megazord, it revert back into its Zord form and then its Megazord form.



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