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Edward "Eddie" Guzelian was a writer and executive producer for Power Rangers RPM.

Guzelian, a writer working for Disney, told them that they had an opportunity to appeal to their boys' demographic since a lot of their money came from their Princess line. Since Disney was planning on cancelling the series anyway, they told him to do whatever he wanted and Guzelian presented a pitch about a Power Rangers series that took place in an post-apocalyptic world. This was a drastically different tone then what the Sentai, Engine Sentai Go-Onger presented. Upon seeing the footage, Guzelian said this:

"Holy s****! I just promised Disney I could turn this into a show that would appeal to an OLDER audience! I must be out of my ****ing mind! Holy s***!! Wait, what’s on the front of that Zord? Are those m********ing eyeballs?!"

Compounding the problem was that he never worked on a live action series before, let alone a Power Rangers series. Luckily, Jackie Marchand and John Tellegen helped him in learning what Power Rangers was all about. He also brought on two other writers who he worked with previously, Matthew Negrete and Madellaine Paxson.

As reported, Guzelian micro-managed a lot and this lead to script delays. It's rumored that this caused the entire budget to be blown through the first half and Bandai had to pay for the remainder.

Despite his promise to the executives to get back on track, which he did, Guzelian was fired by Disney leading to the executive producer role to be filled in by former head writer Judd Lynn. This meant that plans that Guzelian, such as Dillon not surviving the final battle or Tenaya not being his sister, had to be dropped. Following this, Negrete and Paxson left in solidarity.

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