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"It’s Morphin Time! Hyper Force! Blue! Ready! Power Up!"
―morphing call[src]

Edward 'Eddie' Banks is HyperForce Blue.[1]


Eddie was an enthusiastic cadet at Time Force Academy who was excited to meet Professor Scotts, asking her multiple questions about her time as a Ranger and her battles with Ransik. He was in awe after the attack on the Academy to see Jen morph into the Pink Time Force Ranger.

Split History

Shattered Grid

Teamming up

All Rangers reunited against lord Drakkon

Receiving Zordon's call through the Morphin Grid, the six HyperForce Rangers were among those who rallied to his pocket dimension and was among numerous Rangers who rallied to his pocket dimension led by the Quantum Ranger, reunited in the Command Center. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29

Battle in the moon

Chronos HyperForce Megazord figthing the machine enemies

Eddie along with the other Rangers their morphers are upgraded by Doctor K, he prepared among other Rangers to teleported in the moon of world of coinless for the fight against Lord Drakkon against his Ranger Sentries, led by Jason Lee Scott, Eddie and the rest of the HyperForce Rangers piloted the Chronos HyperForce Megazord is seen battle against machine enemies. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

The HyperForce with other Rangers before to destroy serpentera

In the final battle against Lord Drakkon, Kendall Morgan, Robert James, and Katherine Hillard combine their Zords with the Chronos HyperForce Megazord forming the Mega Megazord, after they combine their Zords Eddie along with the other Hyperforce Rangers, Kendall, Robert, and Katherine destroy the evil Zord Serpentera, however Lord Drakkon obtained all the power of the Morphing Grid altering the reality leaving his fate unknown, also is seen briefly in a Tommy Oliver's vision when an alternate Kimberly threw a green chaos crystal at him.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1, Eddie's timeline was later restored by the Mighty Morphin Rangers after they defeated Drakkon.

Necessary Evil

Eddie in fragments's reality

Eddie as HyperFprce Blue among other Rangers and villains are briefly in a fragments of the reality when the Emissaries Three observes all the Rangers realities.Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 41


Eddie is an easy going and enthusiastic cadet who idolizes the Power Rangers, showing a great amount of interest when Professor Scotts did a lecture at the Academy. He is very knowledgeable on history to an extent and uses that to help his team, such as knowing what Halloween is even though by 3016 that particular holiday is no longer celebrated, though in rare cases he gets certain facts wrong like believing that costumes worn on Trick or Treat were actual skins primitive people wore on top of their bodies. Eddie is a fan of old movies from historic periods, his personal favorite being movies of the 1990s.

RPG Bio:  Happy Go Lucky, Team Player, History Nerd[2]


HyperForce Blue

Blue Ranger



Morph and Roll Call


  • Marvin Shih: Marv and Eddie are best friends.
  • Vesper Vasquez: Eddie and Vesper have feelings for one another. Vesper gifted Eddie a blue wrench and they call each other "Ranger Buds", and also have a little song they sing about it.  Eddie nearly confessed his love before fainting due to excessive damage she dealt to him (while under the influence of the Venjix Virus).
  • Chloe Ashford: (TBA)
  • Jack Thomas: (TBA)
  • Joe Shih: (TBA)

Behind the Scenes


Eddie in PR Hyperforce opening credits

Eddie is portrayed by Andre Meadows, as Illusion in Family he is portrayed by Malika Lim.


  • Eddie is the second Ranger to use a snake motif in Power Rangers after Jake Holling and the first snake-themed Ranger who is a Blue Ranger.
  • Eddie's last name recalls that of the actress that played Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers movie, Elizabeth Banks.
  • Eddie's lineage has been traced back to Arthurian Times, where his ancestor was briefly entranced by a siren in Episode 11: A Ranger in King Arthur's Court
    • Another ancestor of Eddie's, Johnny Banks was in Newtech City 2025, whom Eddie was mistaken for.



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