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"Whoa. It's bigger than I remember."
―Pop-Pop's realization on how tall the buildings are.[src]

Ed Jones is a handyman in Pine Ridge and the grandfather of Amelia Jones, whom she affectionately calls Pop-Pop.


Early Life

In his early days, Pop-Pop worked at Area 62, where he saw all kinds of unusual things. Once he stopped working there and became a handyman, he still never told anyone about the things he saw there as it was top secret. Tvicon.png TV STORY-McScary Manor

Handyman Work

Pop-Pop was tasked to wash the windows for the BuzzBlast headquarters. His attempts to repair Jane's air conditioner were unsuccessful, as it made the temperature in her office change from cool and breezy to extremely hot and then to bitter cold.

He's observed by the Rangers removing leaves from the gutter of a building. The leaf blower doesn't work, and he falls off the ladder into a pile of leaves. Izzy agrees to fix the machine.

He meets Beatrice Cotton, a woman about his age, and the curator of the Pine Ridge Museum. She goes on a date with him that ends in disaster until he changes back into his work clothes.

He, Dr. Akana, and Beatrice accompany the Rangers to Dinohenge, where two new Dino Fury Keys are uncovered.


He blames his family's supposed string of bad luck on superstition, particularly due to the strange disappearance of his child and his child's spouse, which left his granddaughter orphaned. He was also convinced that McClary Manor was haunted by ghosts.


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